Key Highlights

  • Saying “Yes” is about setting boundaries, boundaries that enable you to seize opportunities
  • Saying “Yes” helps you prioritize what/and who are important and meaningful in your professional and personal lives.
  • Five suggestions when saying “Yes” to help create a manageable professional life

Learning to say “yes” to yourself enables you set boundaries…boundaries that enable you to seize opportunities that can enhance your professional and personal life. Of course, saying “yes” to what and who may be important to your professional and personal lives also means that you have to say “no” to things and people who are less important and, often times, “should’s.”

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Saying “yes” can translate into being able to learn a new skill, earn a new designation or certification, coaching/training new and veteran agents and/or team members, creating a podcast, creating better content to more effectively market your business, etc. Saying “yes” can translate into better serving your clients and even saying “no” to some leads, clients and/or colleagues.

Here are five suggestions from InmanNews’ Christy Murdock Edgar to saying “yes” and “no.”

  1. Determine the pros and cons of saying “no.”
    1. Put a price tag on a potential client.
      1. Does it feel as though you’re throwing money away?
      2. Does it fell as though you’re burning bridges with colleagues , mentors and/or supervisors?
  • Does it fell as though you’re setting yourself up for failure if/when you say “no” to a leadership opportunity?
  1. If the client is “difficult,” that client will likely take time away from easy and/or wonderful clients.
  2. If the colleague is demanding that you not set boundaries in order to have more time to make his/her life easier, is it worth it?
  3. If a leadership opportunity is excessively time consuming and thankless, that “opportunity” will take your time and energy away from your “real” real estate job.
  1. Saying “no” is NOT an admission of weakness.
    1. “Doing it all” is not a badge of honor but rather a badge of insecurity, weakness and lack of confidence.
    2. Saying “no” is rather a badge of strength, confidence and power.
  2. Saying “no” is easier and more productive when offering alternatives and/or options as sources of help for your clients/co-workers.
    1. If/when choosing to work as a listing agent, develop a reliable relationship with an experienced, savvy buying agent as a partner in order to create a streamlined referral process for your buying clients.
  3. Say “I don’t” rather than “I can’t.”
    1. I don’t reduce my commissions and let me show you how I’ll earn the.
    2. I don’t miss dinner with my family and I’ll make it a point of finding a mutually convenient time for us to work together.
    3. I don’t list homes without having professional photography done. I’ll introduce you to two/three photographers whom I trust and work with all the time and you decide with whom you’d like to work.
    4. I don’t show houses without a pre-qualification and I’m happy to introduce you to a lender I trust in order to move this process forward.
    5. I don’t work outside my local market/niche area and I’ll introduce you to a terrific colleague who has specific market knowledge about your preferred niche area or neighborhood.
  4. Saying “yes” translates into your taking care of yourself.
    1. Perhaps taking care of yourself means working out consistently.
    2. Perhaps taking care of yourself means having more family time.
    3. And, importantly, you are the only one who can actually take care of yourself.

Real estate is a tough, demanding profession – you need to be at the top of your game to best serve your clients. Saying “yes” means taking good care of yourself so you can be at the top of you game in order to serve your clients at the highest levels.

Thanks to InmanNews’ Christy Murdock Edgar for her thoughts and source materials.

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