Rick Janson on Time Blocking & Prioritizing Your Life

Rick Janson must have nine lives. Still a young man, Janson has already expressed his crackling mind and entrepreneurial spirit as a highly accomplished attorney, marketing wizard and, now as an elite real estate professional and coach.

Janson came to real estate in 2002 in Colorado and quickly leaped to the top 7% of his market rated by dollar value. Within a relatively short period as a real estate agent, broker and owner of an independent firm in the Denver environs, Janson has earned recognition from Forbes, the Denver Business Journal, 5280 Magazine and Top Agent Magazine.

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In 2019, Janson moved his independent brokerage to eXp Realty after “…six months of overcoming my own ego…” once he realized the logic of eXp’s systems and processes and its profit potential. Also in 2019, Janson enhanced his professional skills and activated his love of training and “giving back” by becoming a Harris Certified Coach Affiliate. Since embracing both eXp Realty and Harris Certified Coaching, Janson has grown his business, his profitability, by +25%.

Two important “systems and procedures” enable Janson to excel as a real estate professional…time blocking and prioritization. And, incidentally, both time blocking and prioritization have enabled Janson to contribute to and appreciate his family life more than any other period in his adult life.

In this short video of Janson’s participation at a Q & A session with the Independent Brokers and Realtors Association meeting in Denver recently, Janson talks about how time blocking and prioritization work to enable him to accomplish his goals.

Very quickly, time blocking: post your week by the hour on an Excel spreadsheet. Include everything, both personal and business, on that spread sheet…from your workouts, to your family time, to your call time with past and prospective clients, to your weekly or daily lunches with colleagues or team members or agent partners, to your content creation time for your podcasts or blogs, to your listing appointments and presentations time to your…well, everything. You’ll discover when you develop the discipline of time blocking that you will have more time than you ever imagined having to actually do all the things you need to do in order to generate a profit AND all the things you want to do in order to have a more healthy and meaningful life with those you love.

Very quickly, prioritization: determine who and what are most important to you professionally and personally. Again, include everything and everyone. For example, if you, like Janson, are a Harris Certified Coaching Affiliate, and you have two of three coaching clients who are full-time agents and one who is a part-time agent, prioritize your “coaching” time. Your two full-time agent clients, because they are committed to real estate full time, earn a full-time slot within your prioritized, “time blocked” calendar. Your part-time agent client earns a comparable commitment from you…a part-time slot within your “time blocked” calendar.

Watch and listen to the video. Janson explains time blocking and prioritization much better than anyone else could.

This video offers you an opportunity to watch and listen to a highly motivated, talented, disciplined, focused, personable, grounded real estate professional up close and personal. Enjoy!

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