Key Highlights

  • All workers including remote workers want to live within 30 minutes from where they work, according to Zillow
  • 50% of remote working buyers indicate their remote work influenced each major housing change 

Zillow’s 2019 Consumer Housing Trends Report indicated that most buyers, sellers, renters and homeowners agree – they want to live in an area that requires no more than a 30 minute commute time to and from work. Here are the specifics by categories:

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  • 66% of buyers say no more than a 30-minute commute
  • 57% of renters say no more than a 30-minute commute
  • 33% of buyers and renters would tolerate a 30-44 minute commute
  • 29% of buyers and renters would consider a 15-29 commute maximum
  • 13% of buyers and renters would only consider a commute of less than 15 minutes
  • 12% of buyers and renters willing to commute 1 hour or more
  • 12% of buyers and renters willing to commute 45-59 minutes

Though remote working enables people to live anywhere of their choosing, remote working is more common in urban areas.

  • 24% of buyers who work full-time on site live in urban areas whereas 41% of buyers who work remotely “some times” live in urban areas.
  • 48% of sellers who work remotely “some times” live in urban areas while 29% of sellers who work full-time on-site live in urban areas.
  • Workers living in an urban area is important when one member of a couple works remotely and one member of the couple works on-site.

Here are the specifics of living locations for remote and on-site working categories:

Remote Working 1+ Days/Week                On-Site Working

Urban – 24%                                                 Urban – 41%

Suburban – 43%                                           Suburban – 53%

Rural – 16%                                                   Rural – 23%

Nearly 50% of remote buyers and renters indicate that their remote work most definitely influenced where they chose to live.

  • 28% remote working buyers moved to a different home; 23% remote working renters moved to a different home
  • 24% remote working buyers moved to a different location; 29% remote working renter moved to a different location
  • 14% remote working buyers chose to remodel/renovate their existing house to accommodate their at-home working needs

Thanks to Zillow’s Kathryn Coursolle for source data.

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