Key Highlights

  • Real estate transactions can evaporate for a thousand different reasons and/or a wrong blink of an eye
  • Regardless of who deal-making players are, refer to these tactics to avoid constellations of blown deals

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  1. Protect your clients’ interests…always.
    1. Successful real estate agents are client-centric real estate agents.
    2. Always think of your clients’ needs and goals first during all aspects of the transaction from contract negotiations, inspector and/or repair “problems,” possession dates, closings, etc.
  2. Remember your clients’ goals…
    1. Encourage and allow the time for your clients to express and discuss their goals with you. Write those goals down and then confirm with them what you’ve written to ensure accuracy. Make two copies of your clients’ goals, one for them and one for you.
    2. Your job as their real estate agent is to keep your client focused on their goals so their goals can be achieved.
  3. Confront any and all “issues” that come up during the home buying/selling process now, not tomorrow or the next day. Involve your broker if any “issue” is now or becomes problematic.
  4. Be honest…
    1. Honesty is an essential element “…of the fabric of the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.”
  5. Be willing to admit when you’re wrong and stand up for yourself with informational/illustrative specifics when you’re right…always.
    1. Being willing to admit and accept responsibility when you’re wrong or make a mistake will likely preserve and solidify the relationship you’ve established with your client.
    2. Be willing to admit and accept responsibility for any mistake or error that was made by anyone with whom you work. Even if you didn’t make the mistake yourself, admit and accept responsibility for any mistake/error made by anyone with whom you are working regarding any aspect of the transaction from listings to closings to contract signings.
  6. Keep your personal preferences and/or opinions to yourself.
    1. Be calm.
    2. Be objective.
    3. Be solid in your driving of the deal. The deal is your clients’, not yours.
  7. Create solutions as a problem solver; do not be a problem source.


Thanks to InmanNews’ John Griffin for content material.

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