Videos and Facebook Live Topics

Videos are an efficient way to reach multiple people with the message you’ve polished. There are many, many uses for this. We’ll sort this into categories and simplify so you can turn this into a profitable tool.

What NOT to worry about:
– Being super polished
– Having more than about 2 minutes or less of content to your message
– Don’t over-engineer, over think or get analysis paralysis. Done is better than perfect.

– The #1 self-criticism of grizzled veterans is that they should have done a lot better job talking to their past clients, center of influence, etc. Videos are a great solution to this.

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Video topics:

1 Prospecting / Lead generation / communication with database.
Examples: Monthly videos of Market Updates / a light version of absorption rates. What’s hot and what’s not? End with a call to action: for a free CMA…

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2 Transaction Management…holding your deals together.
Examples: Dealing with home inspection items so it’s not lost in translation. Checking in with clients along the way while they’re pending. You can pre-record ‘checking up on you’ videos to use on multiple deals. A video congratulating the client for being in contract, a pre-inspection video, post-inspection video, financing video… ‘don’t open new credit lines’, pre-closing video, etc. Increase your communication efficiently.

3 Negotiating
Examples: Record a video about your counter offer / the reason your client is negotiating in this way…make the video so the other agent can use it with their client…be nice about it, it could save your deal!

4 Inviting your database to events you’re hosting / attending.
Examples: Past client appreciation parties, Christmas picture party, etc.

5 Confirming appointments
Example: This is particularly valuable when your appointment is with someone who is NOT in your immediate center of influence, not a repeat client. Perhaps a sign call or a referral from a friend. Make them feel more comfortable when they show up because they know what you look like and have heard your voice!

6 Smoothing the transition to another party; transaction coordinator or referral agent, etc. The ‘hand-off’.

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