It’s good to remember that your job as a real estate agent is to make things as perfect as possible for all involved in the midst of imperfect and/or difficult markets and/or clients.

How to do that? Remind yourself that the foundation of real estate is based upon relationships…relationships with your clients, relationships with your affiliate partners, relationships with other real estate professionals. The more solid your relationships with all these people, the less difficult, annoying and counterproductive contentious situations caused by appraisals, inspections, repairs, negotiations, etc. will be.

Missy Yost writing for InmanNews offers tips that may help you stay sane, cool and smooth regardless of what difficult market conditions, clients and other unforeseen obstacles may come your way.

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  1. Know that listening is the best medicine. Just allowing your client/affiliate partner/real estate professional to vent may be all that’s needed to calm the situation. Arguing rather than listening tends to only escalate difficult situations and bad feelings.
  2. Once you’ve listened, listen some more in order for you to obtain more information. Your listening acknowledges the other person’s position. Then, once you’ve acknowledged that person’s position, state your position with a variety of solutions to the situation Once you’ve presented a variety of solutions, ask the other person to choose one of your solutions so that person can help solve the issue as your partner.
  3. Always be professional. Always be unflappable. Your reputation depends upon being cool, sane and solutions oriented.
  4. Protect yourself from being misrepresented by fully documenting the issue at hand and your communication about the issue in writing.
  5. Give yourself the time and space to gain a fresh perspective about the issue by taking a walk, going for a run, talking with a trusted colleague and/or your broker and/or your coach (without using anyone’s name) so you can gain some clarity and a renewed attitude about the issue.
  6. Know your contract rules cold. If you have any questions or uncertainties about your contract rules and responsibilities, consult with your attorney.
  7. Know that you do not have to win every battle or contentious issue in order to win the war for your client.
  8. Remember that everything is NOT about you. Who knows what is going on in someone else’s life or in someone else’s mind. Your bottom line is knowing that you provide excellent service to your client regardless of any “outside” forces.

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