Key Highlights

  • Real estate coaching considered to be one of industry’s brightest stars and can lasting, positive effects on real-estate related careers
  • Handbook helps explain what coaching is, what coaching experience is actually like and can help agents find the “right” coach
  • Handbook offers list of 50 coaches and their specific coaching frameworks

You as readers and clients of Tim and Julie Harris’ Real Estate Coaching already embrace the offerings of real estate coaching. The training, the information, the how-to’s and the accountability aspects of real estate coaching are givens. And, according to Russ Cofano, former president and general counsel of eXp Realty, the “applying what you know to a certain outcome and objective.”

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Whether real estate coaching is transactional or production oriented or transformational or improving overall lifestyles, real estate coaching is about helping the client achieve specific goals. Bonnie Sue Lovelace, overseer of Realogy’s learning programs, “There’s a self-discovery and accountability piece to coaching. There’s a lot more asking, rather than showing.”

Like every industry, real estate coaching has evolved from being company or brokerage-centric focused to helping agents become stars or “mega producers” to tech making it easier for coaching to happen remotely to a more complex ecosystem of savvier consumers via Zestiments, iBuying, social media to today’s agents wanting and needing help to find varied paths to success in this now more complicated, frenetic environment.

Inman’s Handbook on Coaching features multiple coaches and coaching systems. (Of course, Tim and Julie Harris are featured in this latest Handbook and have also earned its highest recognition as one of Inman’s Best real estate coaches.) Inman also underscores that newer and more experienced agents may want to experience different types coaching at different times in their careers.

Bottom line takeaways for agents, brokers, team leaders, investors…

  • Interview multiple coaches
  • Choose a coach whose personality is a good fit
  • Consider the coach’s track record BOTH as an experienced agent/broker and in helping other real estate professionals
  • Consider the kind of ROI coaching will help produce.

Here are a couple of links for you to delve more into the in’s and out’s of real estate coaching and to have a list that includes 50+ experts in real estate coaching, their respective expertise (such as 7 Figure Flipping to help systematize house flipping), and in some cases, not all, their pricing.


Thanks to Inman News.

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