Key Highlights

  • Ask yourself the right questions to help boost your confidence
  • Confidence is a muscle that needs to be exercised daily

Dr. Sonja Stribling is the founder of the Born to Be Powerful Academy. A transformational specialist with a background as a Licensed Clinical Counselor, Dr. Stribling helps people develop a “next level mindset, make next level commitments and create next level actions…that result in Next Level Living.”

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Stribling said, “When it comes to increasing confidence, asking yourself the right questions is important because those (questions) will propel you forward in thought and…propel you forward and test your abilities…to learn you can rely on yourself and take your self-assurance…to the next level”

Here are Stribling’s seven questions that highly confident people ask themselves regularly:

  1. How can I serve others to the next level?
    1. When feeling self-doubt about tasks and/or responsibilities, redirect your thoughts to ways in which your contributions may better serve your clients and coworkers.
  2. What are the small and large wins to celebrate today?
    1. Train yourself to celebrate both small and large wins regularly
    2. Rather than focusing on your shortcomings, redirect your thoughts to ways in which you helped you and/or your clients along the road to achieving their goals.
  3. What could I do today to improve tomorrow?
    1. Look at your mistakes as opportunities to learn and improve.
    2. Confident people acknowledge themselves and their inherent value rather than beating themselves up.
    3. Optimize roadblocks for more confidence and success.
  4. How can I be a better person and leader?
    1. Develop your growth mindset by regularly asking yourself how you can serve your clients better and/or how you can become more impactful as a professional.
  5. How can I turn my weaknesses into strengths?
    1. Confident people enjoy pushing the limits of their confidence out of their comfort so in order to grow.
    2. Look at your perceived weaknesses as opportunities for improvement.
    3. Believe you’re too sensitive? Turn that sensitivity into an edge by giving your clients constructive solutions to potential obstacles…those solutions will maximize their options to help achieve their goals.
  6. Do I know what I think and what I want?
    1. Confident people don’t waste time wondering what others think of them or worry about their judgment.
    2. Stribling said, “…they think about and spend more energy focusing on their own opinions and desires…” and how to actualize those desires.
  7. What does my “ideal outcome” look like?
    1. Confident people create possibilities, not limitations.
    2. By noticing possibilities, you create and increase your opportunities for success.
    3. Success, most obviously, grows confidence.

Thanks to Dr. Sonja Stribling.

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