1. It’s never a level playing field. Never allow yourself to be the victim. Always take responsibility.

2. Everything worth having will take longer than you think it should to get. Don’t quit too soon. Plane analogy.

3. On your way up, friends may become friends may become frenemies. Crabs in the bucket…

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4. They know their success comes down to just one number…their magic number.

5. They know what their product truly is. Profit.

6. They are mindful of trends but avoid fads. What’s the difference? A fad is like a QR code. A trend is the return to phone skills to set yourself apart from all the social networking chatter.

7. They the truth about teams. Team stats…

8. They know balance is a myth.

9. They don’t fall prey to the “passion myth”.

10. They do what they don’t want to do when they don’t want to do it at the highest level.

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