This week’s Real Estate Training and Coaching Radio will give you the exact plan with drilled down details that you must have now. Introducing Tim and Julie Harris’s Massive Action Quick Start (or restart) Plan. This real estate training plan is for NEW agents, Agents who are returning to the business and/ or agents who are tired of struggling and finally ready to do what they don’t want to do when they don’t want to do it at the highest level.

Todays show is part 4.

16 Step Massive Action Plan!

Some of these points simply make you functional and others eliminate your experience deficit.  It’s important to execute one critical point throughout this plan:

Ask for business, immediately and often.  You must get into ACTION.  It’s ok if you don’t know everything immediately.  Earn while you learn and ask for help when you need it.

Step 1: Complete your state-required post-licensing Continuing Education credit immediately. This applies to ALL agents. Get your CE done asap. Tip: Choose an appraisal class to give you confidence in pricing.

Step 2: Take an MLS (Multiple Listing Service) class at your local board. You need to be an expert at your MLS for two reasons:  a) to do more creative searches for your buyers and b) to be more accurate on our Comparative Market Analyses.

Step 3: Complete 3 different CMAs in different price ranges and geographic areas for practice.  Ask your broker to review or an experienced agent (or your coach).

Step 4: Take a contracts class from your Board of Realtors or from your brokerage if they offer it. Understand escalation clauses, escape clauses, earnest money, inspections, financing, closing, and possession dates.

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Step 5: Find a good title company by asking your broker or a trusted and experienced agent.  Ask the manager if you can attend a buyer-side closing and a seller-side closing to observe and learn.  Ask the closing agent about anything you didn’t understand.

Step 6: Get our book HARRIS Rules.  This will help you put all the pieces together with what you’re learning and start to build your business the right way from the beginning. Buy HARRIS Rule on Amazon:

Step 7: Get to know trusted Mortgage Originators.  You need the following varies of lenders (note: not every lender does every type of loan!). Get to know them and what they specialize in.  Ask experienced agents and brokers who they trust.

-Conventional lender

-First time buyers / FHA and VA lender

-Self employed / portfolio lender

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Step 8: Learn from your lenders what is required on a loan application.  Ask your lenders for their checklists.  What’s needed to achieve loan approval?  Know the difference between pre-qualification, pre-approval, and loan commitment. Tip: do a loan app with your lender so you know the process from experience.

Step 9: Preview 10 homes in each price segment in your market, going from lowest to highest.

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