Key Highlights

  • According to TransUnion, Gen Z mortgage originations increased +84% in 2019
  • Study by Freddie Mac indicates that 89% of Gen Zers (ages 8 – 23) plan to buy home by age 30

A recently released study by Freddie Mac indicated that 89% of Gen Zers plan to buy a home by the time they become 30. In fact, according to TransUnion, Gen Z mortgage originations jumped 84% at the end of last year.

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Where does this Gen Z cohort want to buy? LendingTree points to the following cities:

  1. Salt Lake City – LendingTree indicated that some 8.5% of all mortgage quote requests come from Gen Zers. Average age of these potential buyers? Slightly over 21.
  2. Oklahoma City – With an average home price of just less than $153,000, most anyone can afford to by in the capital of Oklahoma.
  3. Indianapolis – Home prices come in just slightly above $185,000 and LendingTree reported that 7.7% of all mortgage shoppers are Gen Z shoppers. Also, SmartAsset identified Indianapolis as one of the best places for college graduates to live.
  4. Cincinnati – SmartAsset identified Cincinnati as the number one best city for college graduates. LendingTree reported that 7.3% of its shoppers are Gen Zers.
  5. Minneapolis – Almost 7% of the city’s mortgage requests are from Gen Zers. These potential borrowers are looking for loans in the $150,000 ballpark.

Rounding out the top 15 cities preferred by Gen Zers primarily due to affordability:

  • Kansas City MO
  • Phoenix
  • St. Louis MO
  • Louisville KY
  • Buffalo NY
  • Columbus OH
  • Detroit
  • Cleveland
  • Pittsburg
  • Nashville


Thanks to LendingTree.

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