Join Tim and Julie for todays podcast on how to 100x your mindset to make 2021 your best year ever. Here are the points you will hear:

8) Understand that everything you want in life is on the otherside of doing what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it at the highest level.

– Everything in life worth having will take longer and require more effort than you think or were told..

– The WORLD thinks you are lazy and dumb. The WORLD doesn’t ever expect you to ask the tough questions that may expose the dogma being fed to society for all of its fallacies. Have rules in place for what you think, invest your time and money into.

* Filters for what products you buy. Rules should be rigid. X ROI, proven to actually work and not a gimmick, actually tested over a long term.

* Filters for whom you listen to. The world we are living in is all about fake experts and influencers. You can easily fall prey to someone who is tall hat no cattle. Have they actually done what they claim to have done (sold re, sold re at a high level, sold re at a high level for a long time, sold re in different market conditions, etc. Make your own filters. Be rigid.

– RUN from anything that is being sold as an antidote for real work. Those are almost always gimmicks.

9) I am going to say a word, the second I say this word pls write down everything you think about the word. Pls don’t think, ponder…just say out loud/ write down what words come to mind. Notice how the words you are using are charged with emotion. Is that emotion a positive or negative emotion. The word is RICH.

– Why aren’t you rich? Is it because of how you truly think about the word rich? How you were raised to think etc?

– Is it simply because you don’t know HOW to be rich.

– You don’t have a definition that you can relate to…is it simply because you were not fully locked into the idea that you could live a life where your money works for you and you no longer have to work for your money?

– Are you aware that we are spiritual beings in a physical incarnation…? You need stuff, why not have it be nice stuff?

(Rich is where your money works for you and you no longer have to work for your money) Text Me: (512) 361-5121

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