As we round the bend on 2020 you are probably experiencing a mixture of emotions. This has been a strange year for everyone and its perfectly natural and normal to feel overwhelmed…and maybe overstressed. When you listen to part 4 of this weeks series you will self discover the clear and obvious path forward. On today’s show Tim and Julie pick up on Point 3.. Realize that feeling overwhelmed isn’t something out of your control. its actually a choice.

– Great way to get control over something you feel is out of control is to take ownership. Ask yourself, ‘how am I benefiting from feeling overwhelmed’? The obvious first answer is that you aren’t. Drill down on that and you might self discover other answers like…by feeling overwhelmed you give yourself an out for doing things that make you uncomfortable…

4) Pinpoint (s) the primary source of overwhelm. Ask yourself the question, “What one or two things, if taken off my plate would alleviate 80% of the stress that I feel right now?” If it’s a big project that’s almost done, finish it. Or, if it’s the sheer size of the task or project that is overwhelming you, break it down into more manageable components.

5) Set boundaries on your time and workload.

– Have a real schedule at least in the am.

– Make the schedule focused on 3 things that will get you the most bang for the back. If all you do the rest of the day is those 3 things you had a great day. Working out, supplements, contacts, setting appts, taking a listing, showing overt gratitude. etc.

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