Key Highlights

  • Influencers can good sources of inspiration, tips, insights and could be your competition
  • Each of 8 listed below have targeted niches and most have major presences on social media platforms

Just like all types of influencers, real estate influencers are great at marketing themselves and their expertise in the world of social media. Via content, live streams, videos and photos, real estate influencers possess SEO clout and generate lots and lots of followers.

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One of the keys to the success of these eight real estate influencers is having a clearly defined niche that zeroes in on their particular expertise. All are authorities within their respective niches, all of them offer their followers value and all offer actionable demonstrations and guides. Check them out:

  1. Flippers: The Clever Investor or Cody Sperber
    1. Sperber has an eye-popping 1.2M Instagram followers and 18,000 Twitter followers
    2. Regularly goes live on-site at his investment properties and flips
    3. Gives followers a behind-the-scene looks at his work
  2. Wholesalers: David Dodge
    1. Seasoned real estate investor from St. Louis with +100,000 Instagram followers
    2. Dodge has flipped +500 houses and currently manages +20 rental properties
    3. Has written a book and hosts a podcast on wholesaling
  3. Short-Term Rental Investing: Chris Choi
    1. Choi is bona fide Airbnb millionaire with +100 Airbnb properties
    2. Instagram account loaded with tips, scaling your business insights, and mentorship opportunities
  4. BRRRR Investing: Lauren and Kyle Clugston
    1. BRRR real estate investing = Buying distressed property, Rehabbing that property, Renting that property, Refinancing that property and then Repeating
    2. Instagram account loaded with BRRRR information like direct-mail strategies, inspiring home renovations, savings tips, tenant screening, questionnaires and more
  5. Multi-Family Investors: Terrance Doyle
    1. Doyle is founder of TheVAREco and has +700 transactions under his belt
    2. Specializes in 50- to 100-unit properties in Denver and Des Moines
    3. Experienced in Opportunity Zone investing
    4. Active Instagram account and hosts Virtual Happy Hour podcasts
  6. General Real Estate Content: Damon Woodward
    1. Woodward is full-time real estate investor and founder of Blackcard University
    2. Shares info and advice on raising capital, negotiations, brand building, ethical investing and his own deals/flips on Instagram
  7. Women Investors: Moneeka Sawyer AKA “The Blissful Investor”
    1. Multi-million dollar portfolio and host of highly rated Real Estate Investing for Women podcast
    2. 20-years of experience and in high demand
  8. Financial Aspects of Real Estate Investing: Ryan Wright
    1. Wright is CEO of DoHardMoney that focuses exclusively on real estate investing
    2. Active Instagram, YouTube channel and podcasts on nuts and bolts issues such as calculating renovation costs, negotiating, investing with little down, etc.


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