Key Highlights

  • Become a morning person with all your engines firing and ready to go
  • Live the secret of the SAVERS routine every morning
  • Developed by Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning

Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning, developed The Savers routine as a way to maximize his morning well rested-ness, calm and vitality. You may consider utilizing Elrod’s routine to get the most out of yourself to best handle your every day tasks/responsibilities/ideas in order to realize your real estate dreams.

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Elder’s SAVERS routine is built upon the acronym of the word itself – SAVERS.






Silence – Whatever you do to quiet your mind and calm your thoughts, (meditation, prayer, breathing), give yourself a period of SILENCE every morning.

Affirmations – Find words that specifically resonate with you to help you achieve your goals, calm your fears and help you realize your purpose for that day.

Visualization – Allow yourself to see yourself actually accomplishing your goals and purpose for that day on a step –by-step basis. Then, allow yourself to feel how great it feels when you do accomplish your goals and succeed.

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Exercise – All it takes is 5 minutes of some bodyweight exercises to get your heart pumping and your oxygen/blood flowing into you brain.

Reading – Read some words, thoughts, quotes and/or ideas written by people whose words, thoughts and ideas have meaning for you. Likely, those words, thoughts, quotes and/or ideas have been written by people who will have both considered and accomplished things that are important and relevant to you …things you would like to accomplish yourself.

Scribing – Writing your daily thoughts in your journal will help you focus in and process both your goals and who/what is important to you. Give yourself 5 minutes every morning to do this…that’s all it takes.

Once you’ve developed your daily SAVERS routine and it becomes your habit to “do” each” letter, just 5 minutes a letter is all it takes, it’s likely that…

  • You will routinely be in a positive, optimistic state of mind.
  • Your confidence will blossom.
  • Your goals of each day will be at the top of your attention and focus.
  • Your energy will become more electric.
  • You will kick-start your brain.

Thanks to Hal Elrod and

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