Key Highlights

  • At this one-year mark of COVID pandemic, approximately 1 in 5 Americans being touched by virus
  • According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), long term effects can include fatigue, muscle soreness, brain fog, headaches, anxiety and depression
  • Workflow disruptions can be helped with below tips

COVID Infections Now Affecting 1 in 5 Americans

At the one-year mark of the COVID pandemic’s relentless assault on the world’s population, this virus has touched some 1 in 5 Americans.

If you are among those 1 in 5 affected by COVID, you know first-hand that this virus can and often does wreak havoc on your “normal” (whatever that used to be and is now) work life.  With commonly reported long-term effects of COVID (fatigue, brain fog, muscle soreness, headaches, anxiety and depression, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC), know that you are not alone and know that you can ease your recovery.

Five Tips to Help You Return to Work

Here are 5 tips to help you return to work post-COVID:

Communicate with Brokerage and Co-Workers

  1. Communicate with your brokerage firm, you support staff and your teammates about where you are health-wise and recovery-wise. Even if you’re a “private” person, do this at the beginning of every week so they can better understand your needs and can better prioritize what they need from you.

Communicate with Clients and Social Media Contacts

  1. Communicate with your clients and social media contacts about where you are health-wise and recovery-wise. Your clients and contacts want to hear that you have asked your firm, teammates and support staff to take care of your real estate needs and wants on your behalf. You also want to hear from them if they are experiencing any “holes” in their services so you can alert your team to take care of them.  Importantly, you want to reassure your clients and contacts that you are following mandated recovery guidelines, quarantine timeframes and COVID safety precautions to keep them and everyone in your sphere safe.  Also make sure that your clients and contacts are aware of the no-contact, remote services you are currently doing.

Most Important Thing on To-Do List is to Recover Health

  1. For all you super-doers, know that the most important thing on your to-do list is to recover your health. After that, figure out the two or three things MOST important things in your business and partner (delegate) those things to a trusted colleague.  All the other “stuff” can be handled (delegated) to platforms such as BrokerAssist, Fiverror

When Well Enough, Focus on NO MORE than 2-3 MOST Important Tasks

4. When feeling well enough to do one or two MOST important things such as making client calls or contract review, schedule no more than one hour for each on you calendar appand stick to that schedule.Don’t tire your eyes by looking too long at a screen as tired eyes can lead to headaches

When Well Enough, Be Kind to Your Body

  1. When feeling well enough to be kind to your body, do some simple stretching daily(check out short videos from the UT Southwestern Medical Center),snack on HEALTHY foodslike hard-boiled eggs, avocados, almonds, hummus and take some immune-building supplementslike Vitamin D, B, and C, zinc, and melatonin. Get some fresh air even if this means standing outside for 5 minutes a day.

Give Self Pat on the Back

Lastly, give yourself a pat on the back for every large and tiny meaningful thing you’re able to do to help your recovery and your connection with your business.  Despite this COVID nightmare feeling endless, it will fade in time.  Give yourself the space, time and kindness you need.

Thanks to Inman.

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