Key Highlights

  • More to procrastination that just delaying tasks
  • People tend to put off tasks that don’t have quick rewards

Procrastination and Perfectionism Often Go Hand-in-Hand

Procrastination and perfectionism are often teammates. According to therapist Anastasia Locklin, people who are perfectionists “experience a chronic sense of falling short of their own personal standards,” and then simply procrastinate.  Sound familiar?

Tips to Combat Procrastination

Here are some of the top recommendations from Locklin to combat procrastination and start improving your workflow and productivity.

1 – Identify Small Goals

First off, identify small goals. These goals can be worked on for a short amount of time. Truthfully, even 10 minutes or smaller amount of time is better than nothing.

2 – Follow Ivy Lee Method 

  • At end of every working day, write down the 6 MOST important goals you NEED to accomplish the next day. No more than 6 tasks.
  • Prioritized each of these 6 tasks in order from most important to least.
  • When you begin working the next day, concentrate ONLY on the first task. Keep working on that task until it’s finished before starting work on the second task.
  • Do the same thing with each of the tasks on your list. Whatever tasks remain undone, move them to a new list of 6 tasks for the next day.
  • Repeat this process every working day.

3 – Use Own Natural Patterns throughout the Day

Use your own natural patterns to your best advantage.If you’re a morning person, do your important tasks in the morning. If you slump midday, use that time to organize and create tomorrow’s list.

4 – Lighten Up on Self

Lighten up on yourself. Self-compassion goes a long way to cope with stress related to procrastination. Furthermore, give yourself a big pat on the back for every success. And remember, regardless if that success is big or small, it’s still a success.

5 – Plan Ahead and Delegate

Make sure to plan ahead and delegate.Allow your co-workers to work with you by having well-organized systems in place in advance of projects and deadlines. In addition, make sure to block out vacations and holidays and most importantly, time off for yourself.


Thanks to National Public Radio’s Life Kit.

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