On our Clubhouse this morning we asked the all-star panelists what the biggest money-wasting mistakes they have made in their real estate businesses. Please join our clubroom called Real Estate Coaching.

Here were the top 10 Biggest mistakes every agent must avoid.

Listen to today’s show for drilled-down details for each of these points.

10) Not getting into real estate sooner (in their lives) and/ or not taking the business seriously quick enough.

9) Too much time behind ‘screens’ and not enough time in front of people.

8) Bad partnerships.

7) Building a team.

6) Learning the hard way how important ‘Furiously Fast Lead Follow Up’ is.

5) Not understanding the importance of being a PROACTIVE lead generator vs a passive lead generator.

4) Many wished they had taken their COI/ PC more seriously.

3) ‘Wasting money and time on branding’. (and other shiny objects)

2) Not choosing the right broker and/ or not choosing a brokerage environment that supported their ambitions.

1) Not hiring a real coach. MANY commented that they had hired coaches, only later to learn these ‘coaches’ weren’t qualified to call themselves coaches….and in many cases, these coaches told them to do unproductive, money and time-wasting activities.

Suggested question “filters” to use when interviewing real estate coaches.Question 1: Have you actually SOLD real estate? If no, do not proceed. If yes, proceed to question #2.Question 2: Did you sell at least 100 homes in a year? If no, do not proceed. If yes, proceed to question #3.Question 3: Did you sell at least 100 homes per year for 5 years in a row? If no, do not proceed. If yes, proceed to question #4Question 4: Have you had at least 10,000 hours of real 1:1 coaching with agents? Speaking, training, presenting does NOT count. REAL 1:1, direct coaching with agents. If YES to ALL 4 questions….you need to consider this person to be a potential coach for you. If NO, this is someone who has/ had a successful real estate career and clearly knows how to sell homes, but that does not mean they have earned the right to call themselves a coach.

BONUS Point: Not knowing their product IS profit!


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