Key Highlights

  • Gen-Zers projected to triple to 51M by 2030
  • Gen-Zers basting in digital skills

Gen-Zers To Triple To 51M by 2030 with After-Tax Income of $2T

According to a newly released study by the analytics firm Oxford Economics, Gen-Zers, born between mid-1990’s and 2010, are projected to triple in numbers to 51M by 2030.  As noteworthy, Gen-Zers are projected to have a collective after-tax income of $2T.

Snap, of Snapchatfame, is projecting that this  Gen-Z demographic will make up nearly one third of the workforce by 2030.

66% of Gen-Zers Experienced with Digital, Creative Tasks

In both Snap’s and Oxford Economics research, approximately two-thirds of survey respondents replied that they “knew how to create something new from online content.”  They also say they “know how to make money from digital content.”  Clearly, the digital basics of using chat rooms and taking online classes are part of Gen-Zer’s DNA.

US Labor Force to Prioritize Digital Know-How, Creativity and Problem-Solving

Oxford Economics researchers wrote, “The US labor market is set to experience a wave of change underpinned by advancements in artificial intelligence.  As AI and related technologies proliferate in the workplace, they will place a greater premium on digital know-how and advanced cognitive skills such as creativity and problem-solving.”

Imperative that Real Estate Agents Arm Themselves with Digital Expertise, Savvy, and Creativity to Serve Up-and-Coming Clients

Now that we know Gen-Zers are marching into the workforce to the tune of 51M by 2030 AND that they will have a collective disposable income approaching $2T, it’s time to pay attention to your digital expertise, savvy, creativity and communication skills, real estate agents.  No excuses.

This demographic has been living and surviving the COVID pandemic, one of this past century’s most disruptive and devastating episodes, with their digital wits, problem solving abilities and their creativity.

What Will Gen-Zers Want from You as a Real Estate Agent?

Someone on the same plane, if not higher, with them regarding digital expertise and someone who understands their needs for home as sanctuary, home as refuge, home as protective calm in a world of unpredictability and chaos.

Provide the highest service to your coming Gen-Z clients by communicating with them in their now native language, digital technology.


Thanks to Snap, Oxford Economics and Bloomberg.

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