Key Highlights

  • Whopping 36,652 listeners downloaded Tim & Julie’s Real Estate Coaching Radio podcast on March 18, 2021
  • Real Estate Coaching Radio heard daily in over 50 countries
  • Real Estate Coaching Radio ranks in the top .045% of 2M podcasts in the worl

Real Estate Coaching Radio Podcasts Registering Increasing Downloads on Daily Basis

Know that every day/time you listen to Tim and Julie’s Real Estate Coaching Radio podcasts, the world is listening with you.

On March 18, 2021, a whopping 36,652 people all over the world downloaded Tim and Julie’s Real Estate Coaching Radio.  Some days listenership is more than that and some days it’s less but the fact is, Tim and Julie’s Real Estate Coaching Radio is the world’s favorite real estate podcast. 

Tim & Julie’s Real Estate Coaching Radio Ranks as One of Top Podcasts in the World

Real Estate Coaching Radio has daily listeners in over +50 countries all over the world.

Of the nearly 2M podcasts (in all subjects) in the world, Real Estate Coaching Radio ranks 811.  This ranking translates into the fact that Real Estate Coaching Radio is in the top .045% of ALL podcasts worldwide. 

Tim & Julie’s Real Estate Coaching Radio Also Recognized by The Motley Fool as One of The Best Real Estate Podcasts

The Motley Fool is considered to be one of the world’s best stock and investment websites.  Some months ago, The Motley Fool launched its Millionacres division focusing on real estate investing.

The Motley Fool recently endorsed Tim and Julie’s Real Estate Coaching Radio as among The Fools’ best podcasts for real estate agents, investors, professionals and real estate entrepreneurs.   

Clearly, you as one of Tim and Julie’s Real Estate Coaching Radio’s daily listeners are in great company!

Thank you, listeners!

Congratulations all around to Tim and Julie for their Real Estate Coaching Radio daily podcast!!


Thanks to, and The Motley Fool.


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