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What Makes a Place Ideal for Living?

Everyone has a different opinion about ideal places to live but according to Molly Henderson, writing for, checklists for ideal locations to live often include “…cost of living, crime rates, education quality, employment opportunities, amenities for seniors and proximity to services…”

Richard Florida, writing for Bloomberg, reminds us that “…it’s not any one single factor, but the interplay of several that shape how residents rate the places where they live.”

Remember too that pandemic-inspired moves have been and continue to be motivated by affordability, access to more outdoor/indoor space and proximity to family.

Most Affordable Places to Live in US

Affordability is huge for most movers during all times past and present. Why?  People have to be able to afford to live where they decide to live.

Since the majority of moves this past year have been initiated by remote workers, many of these remote workers have out-migrated from superstar, expensive cities to more affordable, smaller cities and towns (as well as suburbs of superstar cities) since they are able to work from anywhere. listed these five places as the cheapest places to live in the US:

  • Des Moines, IO
  • Boise ID
  • Omaha NB
  • Huntsville AL
  • Fort Wayne IN

Best Places to Retire in the US?

Henderson looked at the common factors most retirees seek when looking for their ideal retirement place:  attraction, pleasure, affordable housing, quality of health care, and retiree taxes.

Here are the top places Henderson recommended for retirees:

  • Lancaster PA
  • Naples FL
  • Port St. Lucie FL
  • Fort Meyers FL
  • Sarasota FL

Hard to think that Florida’s tax-friendliness and weather weren’t key factors in these recommendations, right?

Thanks to  Please go to the above link at the top of this article to read more about this topic from Molly Henderson.

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