Ideally, you shouldn’t move to a new house during a pandemic. Realistically, though, you might find yourself forced to move before everyone in your home gets vaccinated for COVID-19. If you have to move, you can follow these five steps to stay as safe as possible. 

Get Your Household Tested for COVID-19

About a week before your move, have everyone in your household get tested for COVID-19. If anyone’s test says that they have the virus, you need to quarantine for at least two weeks, which means delaying your move.

COVID-19 tests aren’t 100% accurate, so you also need to pay attention to how people in your household feel during the days leading up to your move. If anyone doesn’t feel well, you need to postpone the move. Possible symptoms of COVID include:

  • Fever or chills
  • Coughing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Sore throat
  • Body aches
  • Fatigue 
  • Loss of taste or smell

If anyone has any of these symptoms, do the right thing to protect your family and others. Changing your plans might be inconvenient, but you can’t risk exposing people to the virus.

Know How to Lower the Risk of Getting COVID-19

By now, you probably know how to lower the risk of getting COVID-19. Unfortunately, social media platforms and websites spread a lot of misinformation. It’s possible that you believe something that isn’t accurate.

Get the latest advice by visiting the World Health Organization’s website. Some basic precautions include:

  • Wearing a face mask that covers your mouth and nose.
  • Washing hands often in warm, soapy water.
  • Staying at least six feet away from anyone who doesn’t live in your home.
  • Using hand sanitizer after you touch surfaces like doorknobs, pens, and other objects someone else might have handled.

You can’t eliminate the possibility of getting COVID-19, but you can lower your risk significantly by following these and other precautions. Take these recommendations seriously. 

Talk to Moving Companies About Their Pandemic Precautions

If you plan to hire a moving company, reach out to several to make sure they follow pandemic precautions. A responsible company should:

  • Give you a virtual quote instead of coming to your home before moving day.
  • Set a clear schedule so you can avoid coming into contact with the movers.
  • Maintain at least six feet of distance between movers and members of your household.
  • Disinfect your home before they leave.

It’s especially important to make sure that the company will disinfect your new home’s surfaces before they finish for the day. The virus can survive on some types of surfaces for nearly a month. You don’t want a mover to get the virus on your best modular sofa. Suddenly, your favorite place to relax could become a serious health risk.

Stock Up on Supplies

Throughout moving day, you will probably go through more disinfectant, tissues, masks, and gloves than you think. Stock up on these supplies to make sure you can stay safe all day. It doesn’t make sense to stay safe for the first half of the day and then let your defenses fall for the second half of the day. You’re much more likely to follow safety guidelines when you have the right materials on hand, so buy more than you think you will need.

Prepare Meals for Moving Day

A lot of people do not feel safe going to restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s scary to sit in a room with that many strangers. Plus, it’s difficult to trust that everyone in the kitchen follows safety precautions during every minute of their shift. 

If you don’t want to go to a restaurant on moving day, you need to plan ahead by making meals that you can eat easily without utensils or creating a mess. A sandwich and piece of fruit is a suitable lunch for most people. It will give you the energy you need during the move without forcing you to take time prepping food.

Set a realistic schedule for moving day so you know how many meals to prepare. Remember that you probably won’t have access to a microwave for most of the day.


The world hasn’t stopped moving just because the pandemic has made life more difficult. In some ways, preparing for moving day feels a lot like getting a home ready for a new baby. You have to stock up on essentials, do a lot of cleaning, and set safety as your top priority.

No one can eliminate the threat of a pandemic while moving. Every step you take to make the day safer, though, can help quite a bit.

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