Todays show is part 4 of ‘Do You Truly Have What It Takes To Succeed?” 18) Peak performers DELEGATE but never obfuscate. Trust, but verify. 

19) Peak performers are incredibly careful who they take any advice or coaching from. ONE bad or misguided idea can ruin a business. Anyone remember, New Coke? Be incredibly rigid one taking anyone’s advice. The world is full of fake experts, fake coaches, fake leaders….have filters for everything. For hiring a real estate coach:

– Have they sold residential real estate? Did they/ do they have a real estate license?

if yes move to Q2. If no, fake coach alert!

– Did they sell at least 100 homes in ONE year? And were those individual transactions vs a building or subdivision?

If yes move to Q3, if not…you can do better. Fake coach.

– Did they sell at least 100 homes per year for at least 5 years in a row?

If yes, you have someone who has been there done that selling homes…and they DO know how to be successful selling RE…move to Q4

– Have they provided AT least 10,000 PAID 1:1 coaching calls for agents. Not speaking, not zooms, not being on a stage…real, honest to God 1:1 coaching calls.

If not, you owe yourself to keep looking.

(Hint: there are maybe 3-4 real real estate coaches in the industry who meet or exceed these suggested requirements)

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