Key Highlight

  • 2021 housing market even hotter than 2020’s record-breaking year
  • March – August buying season typically accounts for 56% of existing home sales

2021 Housing Market Primed for Another Record-Breaking Year

If you thought that 2020’s record-breaking 5.6M homes sold was a hot market, be on your toes for 2021’s market.

April has traditionally been the start of America’s home-buying season but already, we’ve seen record sales numbers in 2021.  Hold on to your hats as the buying season extends through August.

Relative Affordability Driving Deals

You’ll note that some areas listed below on the “20 Hottest Markets for 2021” rankings are affordable alternatives to higher cost areas such as Boston.

According to Danielle Hale, chief economist with,“Metro areas in New Hampshire are positioned like a lot of small towns or smaller cities that are not too far from the big city.  And people are looking further away from city centers in part because they have the flexibility to work remotely now, and perhaps some hope that that may continue into the future.”

Ten States Represented on Top 20 List, the source for this list, determined the hottest markets based upon the number of unique views per property and the number of days on the market (DOM).

These hottest markets generated up to four times national average of views per listing.  These markets are seeing homes sold in 23 to 44 days.

20 Hottest Markets in March 2021

  1. Manchester-Nashua Metro, NH
    Views per property: 3.02
    DOM: 19
    Median price: $420,000
  2. Concord NH
    Views per property: 4.10
    DOM: 20
    Median price: $362,000
  3. Vallejo-Fairfield CA
    Views per property: 1.83
    DOM: 11
    Median price: $550,000
  4. Burlington NC
    Views per property: 2.29
    DOM: 21
    Median price: $302,000
  5. Springfield OH
    Views per property: 3.17
    DOM: 26
    Median price: $145,000
  6. Lafayette-West Lafayette IN
    Views per property: 2.12
    DOM: 26
    Median price: $297,000
  7. Yuba City CA
    Views per property: 2.20
    DOM: 27
    Median price: $427,000
  8. Santa Cruz- Watsonville CA
    Views per property: 1.68
    DOM: 20
    Median price: $1,222,000
  9. Stockton-Lodi CA
    Views per property: 1.54
    DOM: 17
    Median price: $468,000
  10. Spokane-Spokane Valley WA
    Views per property: 1.59
    DOM: 19
    Median price: $435,000
  11. Janesville-Beloit WI
    Views per property:78
    DOM: 30
    Median price: $250,00
  12. Modesto CA
    Views per property: 1.54
    DOM: 29
    Median price: $499,000
  13. Reno NV
    Views per property: 1.39
    DOM: 15
    Median price: $562,000
  14. Worchester MA-CT metro areas
    Views per property: 1.83
    DOM: 30
    Median price: $395,000
  15. Appleton WI
    Views per property: 2.02
    DOM: 31
    Median price: $302,000
  16. Coeur d’Alene ID
    Views per property: 1.49
    DOM: 23
    Median price: $799,000
  17. Madison WI
    Views per property: 1.59
    DOM: 28
    Median price: $399,000
  18. Eureka-Arcata-Fortuna CA
    Views per property: 1.88
    DOM: 31
    Median price: $439,000
  19. Columbus OH
    Views per property: 1.54
    DOM: 29
    Median price: $329,000
  20. Akron OH
    Views per property: 1.73
    DOM: 31
    Median price: $180,000


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