Rule 5.

Accept the fact that the more people you help accomplish their goals, the richer you will become and the more freedom you’ll experience.

You will only become rich and free when you become of service to others. Not rich and free? Develop a product or skillset that others are willing to pay for and then multiply.

When you’re rich and free and the economy tanks, you can buy assets at a discount. You can help people who might not have been able to help themselves.

Rule 6.

If you’re not rich and free, it’s because you’re choosing to be poor and dependent. YOU are making that choice. Someone else has not made that choice for you. Obviously, some people were born on 3rd base and act like they hit homers. But stop thinking that the vast majority of millionaires and billionaires aren’t self-made. Stop being in conflict with why someone is rich. They’re rich because they are providing something to enough other people that those people are willing to pay for, thus producing enough profit that they are rich.

If your primary aim is your immediate safety and security and 2 weeks off for vacation, and that’s the only contribution you’re willing to make (minimum effort to maintain comfort), if your every waking moment is seeking comfort, YOU have chosen to be dependent.

You have chosen to be a slave to your own limiting beliefs. The social security administration states that 95% of people retire being dependent either on the government or on a family member.

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