Key Highlights

  • Current WalletHub study ranks Seattle as best and Corpus Christi as worst for real estate agents
  • Job opportunity/competition and real estate market health were two factors considered

WalletHub Study Points to Best Metros for Real Estate Agent

WalletHub just published a recent study about which metros of 179 metros are best suited to help maximize a real estate agent’s success.

WalletHub looked carefully at two factors:  job opportunity and competition under one category and real estate market health as the other.

Within each category, every metro was scored from 1 (the top score) to 179 (the worst score) based on the following criteria:

  • Sales per agent
  • Annual median wages
  • Housing-market health index

Top 10 Metros for Real Estate Agents, according to WalletHub Study

Seattle came in with the number one ranking by combining the respective scores of 1 (sales and wages) and 43 (market health). Take a look: 

  • Seattle WA– 1 and 43
  • Pearl City Hawaii – 7 and 14
  • Sacramento CA – 9 and 10
  • Salt Lake City UT – 20 and 5
  • Denver CO – 6 and 51
  • Nashville TN – 17 and 12
  • Washington DC – 2 and 116
  • Huntsville AL – 35 and 6
  • Austin TX – 48 and 7
  • San Jose CA – 3 and 34
  • Vancouver WA – 24 and 24

WalletHub indicated that agents in Denver and Aurora CO earned the highest annual median wages, $90,180.

Worst 10 Metros for Real Estate Agents, according to WalletHub Study

Corpus Christi came in with the bottom ranking.  Its respective scores  were 178 (sales and wages) and 146 (market health).  Take a look:

  • Corpus Christi – 178 and 146
  • Las Cruces NM – 174 and 139
  • Newark NJ – 130 and 179
  • Dover DL – 172 and 156
  • Brownsville TX – 179 and 30
  • Shreveport LA – 177 and 139
  • Buffalo NY – 175 and 151
  • Detroit MI – 124 and 178
  • Columbus GA – 165 and 158
  • Baton Rouge LA – 170 and 148

Agents in Salem OR earned the lowest annual wage of $26,850, according to WalletHub.

Top Ranked Markets for Real Estate Health

Missoula MT, ranked 37thon this list of the best and worst metros for real estate agents to work in, was actually the #1 ranked market for real estate market health.

The #2 ranked metro for real estate market health was Reno NV and the #3 ranked metro for real estate market health was Lubbock TX.

Top Ranked Markets for Job Opportunity and Competition Category

San Jose CA came in third in this category but ranked 134 in the real estate market health category.

Washington DC ranked second in terms of job opportunity and competition but 116 in the real estate market health section.

Boston came in fourth in job opportunity and competition category but 145thin terms of market health.

Metros with Highest Average Number of Sales per Agents

  • Agents in Stockton and Santa Rosa CA, Knoxville TN, Providence RI, and New Haven CT all tied as #1 metros having the highest average number of sales per agents.

Best and Worst Metros for Prospective Agents

Lewiston Maine was ranked #1 as the top metro for prospective agents to move to…Cape Coral FL was ranked the worst

Other Interesting Data Point

  • Homes in the following metros had the fewest DOM: San Jose, Seattle, Gilbert AZ, Oakland, and Mesa AZ
  • Homes in New York lingered the longest on the market at 178 DOM
  • Stockton CA had the most homes sold per agent with 103.66…25.5 X more than Nashua NH with the least homes sold/agent at 4.06
  • Memphis TN had 11.95% of home flips…6.1 X higher than Portland ME with flip rate of 1.95%

WalletHub wrote, “The current real estate market is difficult for buyers, because even though interest rates are low, inventory is down by more than half compared to last year.  Certain cities are bigger hotspots than others, though…real estate agents may want to relocate to places with the highest demand for housing, and that pay the best for their expert guidance.”


Thanks to WalletHub and HousingWire.

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