Mindset check first… are you feeling ‘overwhelmed’ or are you simply surrounded by lots of opportunity?

1. Media free mornings, ideally media free life.  Check what you’re putting into your head.  If it’s beneficial to your business, read it, listen to it.  Our podcast, housing facts, local trends are fine. Listen to podcasts of something that interests you, in or out of the business.  Stay off the ‘news’…

2. Make a list of what you want to feel, loved, appreciated, important, useful.  Are you ‘being’ the change you wish to see? Are you acting and behaving the way you wish to be treated and responded to?

3. Show over appreciation towards others by giving them what you want to feel from them!  Give before you expect to receive.

4. More sleep! Listen to our podcast about sleep.  You’re more likely to wreck your car from lack of sleep than you are from alcohol.

5. Cut the booze.  Cut back or eliminate entirely.

6.  Add water! Studies have shown you often feel exhausted or depressed when you’re actually just dehydrated!

7. Exercise.  Do it regularly and do it socially. It’s good for your body AND your business.  Consider Orange Theory Fitness, a regular Yoga or Pilates class, spin class, boot camp!

8. Make a list of 10 short term easy to accomplish goals. Get your hair cut, get new glasses, have coffee with your best friend, buy a Pelaton (and use it).

9. Brain dump every evening before you go to bed.  Keep a legal pad nearby and make this a habit.  Get everything out of your head and prioritize what’s mission critical versus just a bunch of clutter and worry.

10. Complete your Real Estate Treasure Map  and know your magic number. That gives you a sense of control in a business which is constantly trying to control you.

11. Always have 3-5 minimum standards, use the above as your benchmark. Gratitude, media free, working out, and add the number of proactive contacts you have to make per day based on your Treasure Map.

12.  Track all of your critical numbers using the White Board / Visual Accountability system we teach in Premier coaching and present in the Treasure Map.

13. Maintain a regular, ‘normal person’ schedule of starting on time and stopping on time.  Working til midnight and eating pizza between appointments is not sustainable or professional.

14. Keep a gratitude journal on your desk and recognize the little ‘easter eggs’ that occur throughout the day. Read your journal on days where you feel overwhelmed.

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