Key Highlights

  • Consistent actions and messaging help ignite business growth
  • Tips on actions to do daily, weekly and monthly

Consistency and Persistence Are Keys to Business Growth

Real estate agents need to focus on consistent and persistent actions in the same ways Olympic athletes focus on their daily training rituals every day, week and month.

Here are just some daily/weekly/monthly disciplines successful agents practice on a consistent and persistent basis.  Remember that agents who are unfailingly consistent and persistent regardless of market conditions more reliably meet their business goals for growth and revenue generation than their counterparts who sporadically depend on one-offs to keep their heads and businesses above water.

Hand Write and Send One Thank You/Congratulatory Note Every Day

Everyone more than appreciates being recognized for their help and their accomplishments both personally and professionally.  Hand write and hand address a note of thanks and/or congratulations to one person every day.

Offering a person thanks for a referral, congratulations for a job well done or a personal accomplishment, best wishes for a birthday and/or the birth of a child or grandchild immediately recognizes that person as being seen as a three-dimensional, worthwhile person in your eyes.  And who among us doesn’t appreciate being seen rather than being invisible or ignored?

Add One Person to Your Network, Sphere of Influence, and/or Your Database Daily

Businesses grow in direct proportion to the number of people you have and consistently communicate with via your network, sphere of influence and/or your database.  Add at least one person daily or, if you’d like to grow your business faster, add more people every day.  Then, make sure you communicate with them consistently and persistently on a regular basis.  Chances are these “new additions,” similar to your ongoing contacts, will begin to look for and trust your weekly/bimonthly email communications.

Send a Personalized Property Statement Specific To At Least One Particular Buyer or Seller Every Day

Personalized outreach to a buyer/seller tells that person that you are paying attention to their specific housing needs and wants.  It also tells that person that you are working hard on fulfilling their needs and wants.

Personalized outreach is a relationship builder.  It’s also a way to keep your buyers/sellers aware of just-listed and just-sold properties that may be relevant to their needs and values.

Send Out One Unsolicited CMA Video Every Day

Create a CMA video on your screen via BombBomb, Loom, Zoom etc.  that highlights an aerial view of a specific address using Google Earth that is relevant and specific to a particular buyer’s/seller’s needs/ wants.  With that unsolicited CMA video, also include relevant data about that active/pending/sold property (comparables, selling price, typical closing costs, neighborhood information, etc.)

Not only will your buyer/seller be surprised to receive this CMA video from you (remember this video is unsolicited), your buyer/seller will know for sure that you are paying attention to their needs and wants.

Send these Unsolicited CMA videos to prospects who have told you they are interested in buying/selling in next year or two.  Send them to your past buyers/sellers.  Send them to neighborhood homeowners.

Create Next-10 & Top-10 Prospective Buyer/Seller/Referrer Lists

These next-10 and top-10 prospective buyer/seller/referrer lists will help you pay attention to and remain focused on the people and homes that will generate your revenue and grow your business.

Keep these lists front and center to your vision and attention every day.

Generate & Engage in 10 “Meaningful” Conversations Every Day

Whether these conversations are on the phone, via text and/or via email, such consistent, persistent, relevant conversations  about real estate may lead to signed contracts, closed transactions and a growth spurt in the number of deals you do.


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