1 Being BUSY versus being PRODUCTIVE.  Knowing what leads to your actual profit versus practicing ‘work theatre’.  Memorize your action list of productivity and don’t waiver from it. 

Lead Generation / Furiously fast lead follow up / Prequalifying / Presenting / Negotiating / Closing / lather…rinse…repeat!

2 Not showing overt gratitude to those who matter most.  Someone once wrote about a gentleman they encountered at a graveyard, who was placing flowers on his deceased wife’s grave.  He said, ‘every day since she passed away I’ve come here to bring her these flowers…I should have done that long ago…she really would’ve loved that.’  Don’t wait until it’s too late.

3 Spending too much time ‘getting ready to get started’, and staying in unconscious incompetence perpetually.  This is a result of analysis paralysis, following the wrong ‘guru’, not being your own ‘guru’, lack of exposure to success, or possibly just laziness.  All of these things are curable but you must be pro-active.

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