Tim and Julie Harris bring you this podcast to save you from the mistakes most agents make.  Learn new methods so you’ll find the profit in your database…

Special Request From listener and Premier Coaching student:  Grace P.

“I have issues speaking with my center of influence that I’ve not communicated with in a while. I don’t want them to think I’m only calling because I need referrals. What should I do? Is there a script?”

*Make it all about THEM.

*Bring something of value

*Don’t be weird about what you do.

*Get great at the FORD memory jogger.

*Get great at ASKING for business.

Five Methods to Expand (and more easily speak with) Your Centers of Influence and Past Clients…

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Method #1: FORD + Market Analysis offer.

Using the F-O-R-D memory jogger to start,  open with reconnecting…

“Hi Max, this is Julie Harris with eXp Realty…how are you?  How’s the family / wife / kids / dog / parrot?”

Allow for some discussion and the inevitable ‘How are YOU?’  And / or ‘how’s Real Estate?’  To which you respond with:

“I’m doing awesome, Max, I’m so blessed to have such great friends and clients.  Everyone is asking me about this crazy market, so I’m making sure I’m available to answer your questions…a lot of my friends and clients are just amazed by how much their home’s value has increased just in the past 18 months.”

(Let them talk)

“Would you like me to run some numbers and see what your home is likely worth in today’s market?”

(Either do this on the phone or a more formal approach depending on the conversation).

Method #2: Take the 30 day challenge.  

30 coffee or zoom-coffee dates in 30 days.  Meet at Starbuck’s or your local coffee shop, bakery, etc.  If someone else in your database OWNS a place like this, meet there to support them!

How many of your past clients and centers of influence can you meet with in a 30 day period?  What if you met with 2 at a time?  

When you meet, simply use your F-O-R-D memory jogger.  Family / Occupation / Recreation / Dreams.  When you talk about real estate, be positive and use this script:

“Real estate is amazing right now.  I’ve been so blessed to help so many people this year.  I’ve actually set a goal of helping 5 more families buy or sell real estate by the end of this year.  Whom do you know who I should be helping buy or sell?”

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