Tim and Julie Harris podcasting to help you create your very own amazing podcast!

Remember, we’re modeling our coaching on today’s podcast using our own as the ‘case study’…


Real Estate Coaching Radio IS:

* #1 Listened to podcast for real estate professionals in the United States.

* Named one of the “most influential real estate podcasts” by Inman News, Motley Fool, National Association of Realtors and dozens of others.

* Real Estate Coaching Radio (RECR) is a 30-45 minute live daily podcast

* Downloaded in over 60 countries and often #1 in Education on itunes (in Peru, for example)

* RECR has over 2000 shows on itunes and over 5000 shows in archive.

* RECR is in the top .05% of all podcasts in the world. We have had over 50k downloads in a day depending on the topic.

* RECR listeners were surveyed and 93% were IN real estate or planning on getting a license. 7% were ‘other’.

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6) How to get downloads, which itunes category? Choose the category with the least competition. Big categories like Business are too hard to rank in. Does ranking really matter? Not really. You need to market your show when you are starting. Market via direct email, market via being on other podcasts (as a guest), market on social. Its UNKNOWN how Itunes decides list placement. It is believed they track the number of new subscribers you had in the last reporting period. We have been as high as 23 globally in education but are usually in the top 300. We still have up to 55k downloads show everyday. Bottom line, don’t worry about the lists.

7) Media syndication. This is the name of the game. You should have your show appear on all the top podcast services (and youtube). We use audiobursts for YT content. The global leader in podcasts is itunes. However, stitcher is the go to for androids. 95% of all our 20m downloads in itunes.

8) Process. Our process is stupid simple. we record the show on Tims iphone, load the audio to google drive and then share the audio file with a team member. We then will give her the subject line and show description (our notes). She then loads it to podbean (and we have another syndicator called C-Suite Network…more on this in a second). Podbean then automatically loads the show, title and description to itunes. Itunes then shares the show with 10 other podcast platforms, like Stitcher. She chooses a show image. The show appears on our site, TimandJulieHarris.com and all the others. (for free). Don’t worry if Spotify (and others reject your show at the start).

9) Your show needs to have bright eye catching artwork. Look at ours, real estate coaching radio on itunes.

10) You can make money from your podcast once you have at least 3-5k daily downloads. We use C-Suite Network. They are our official podcast host now. They manage selling ads, collecting money…they do it all. For the sake of selling our own products we use SMS CTAs. Be careful that you do this correctly or you will get $$$ hurt.

11) Launch. Have 10-12 shows ready to launch. Decide how frequently you will publish. We publish everyday. Real Estate Coaching Radio has over 2000 shows. That is 2000+ shows that acts as an archive for search etc related to being successful as an agent.

12) Big picture. Podcasting is the new frontier for content creators. It is easier to create an audience with podcasting vs youtube. YT is over-saturated. If you don’t know which to do, do both.  You can make money from a podcast. Joe Rogan is being paid $100mm from spotify, for example. Real Estate Coaching Radio has sponsors that range from Everyplate to Betterhelp….and Corelogic.



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