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Are You Considering Changing Brokerages?

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Question: What is the one of the biggest mistakes agents often make?

Answer: Choosing the wrong real estate broker.
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Questions to Honesty Answer (no one’s looking but you) to Help You Decide

  1. Are you producing/earning the same income and/or volume no matter what, year after year?
  2. Are you the top earner with your current brokerage?
  3. Too many required meetings that sideline your dollar-productive tasks?
  4. Are your colleagues/brokerage firm too negative, too complacent?
  5. Feel like a lone wolf with no help, support, structure, culture?
  6. Are “non-traditional” avenues of income-producing opportunities “yours and yours alone” without having to carve out brokerage cuts when it comes to things like BPOs, home warranty fees, processing fees?
  7. Are you feeling bored professionally?
  8. Does your brokerage offer opportunities for you to participate in a revenue-sharing program, to purchase stock in your firm, to obtain stock awards?
  9. Does your brokerage offer you proper tech support?

Add up your yes and no answers.  Again, no one else can see your answers but you.

Time to Actualize Your Real Estate Goals, Not Just Dream About Them

Dream/think/talk about your real estate goals as much as you’d like but to actually achieve your real estate dreams, thoughts and words, take action.

Action makes goals and dreams come true.  Your real estate goals are too important to merely talk and/or think about.  Get the support you want and need to help you take action by registering for this free webinar offered to you by Tim and Julie Harris, highly acclaimed real estate coaches with the #1 real estate coaching podcast in the country.

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