Today’s show is part 3, 2022 Housing Predictions. 

Be sure to share your predictions in the comments. 

2022 Housing Prediction #11: The era of buying buyer leads has passed. Most recently, Zillow (and many others) has come under fire for the quantity and quality of lead flow to agents. The cost has increased at the same time the quality of the lead has decreased. The bottom line is, don’t BUY leads! Learn how to be a PROACTIVE lead genertor. Buying leads leaves you beholden. Being a proactive lead generator gives you freedom.

2022 Housing Prediction #12: Teams no longer offer much value. Question why you want to join a team let alone start one. The constant complaint from agents about teams is that they don’t get the support they need, don’t feel there’s much value or direction, and they’re still having to create their own leads. Agents, if you are going to JOIN a team or start one, do the math first. If your goal is to produce the highest net profit and have the most freedom is a team really for you?

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2022 Housing Prediction #13: Brick and mortar are no longer necessary and certainly not required.  We all can thank Covid for making it clear we can function perfectly well at our virtual offices.  Brokers everywhere are realizing that their costly overhead doesn’t really offer much value anymore, destroys their profit margin, and is no longer seen as a necessity to agents.  Agents don’t need office computers, copiers, or conference rooms anymore. Matter of fact, most top-producing agents leverage their OWN systems and tech.

Questions for brokers. If the economy (and housing) DO slow down do you want to have that expensive office lease and other expenses? Do you want to be left holding the bag? Is it time for you to create a graceful exit from your existing brokerage model into what’s next? Tim and Julie Harris are ready to help you. Text Tim and Julie directly for a confidential coaching session. 512-758-0206

2022 Housing Prediction #14: Agents, Brokerages, and Teams that are PROACTIVE lead generators will dominate. Starting with past clients and centers of influence marketing. It’s your job to contact them, not the other way around.  ’Real’ communication matters.  Be the one who calls regularly, sends thank you notes, follows up immediately, and nurtures your database.  10% will do business with you yearly or refer business to you, but ONLY when you communicate for real!

Conclusion: This is the best time in history to be a licensed, professional real estate practitioner.  Your commission goes up with appreciation and inflation.  Demand is extremely high for caring and competent agents. The new market is about WHO you know and WHAT you know.

If you’re not feeling confident in running with THIS market, it’s time to get help.  Upgrade your skills so you can earn while you learn and thrive as a result.

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