Lighten up before you ring in the new year.

Cultivate Proactive Goals; Ditch Reactive Habits

You’ve made it through this challenging year due to being focused on your profit, your professionalism and your proactive behavior and goals.

Build upon preemptive focus in 2022 and forget about hanging on to all thoughts and behaviors that cause burnout, anxiety, and meaningless noise.

Concentrate instead on helping your clients, your surrounding colleagues, your families and your friends achieve their goals.  Chances are that by helping all of them realize their goals, you’ll more easily and efficiently achieve your own goals in 2022.

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Lighten Up Before Saying Happy New Year

  1. Ditch saying the “new normal.”  No one knows what “that” is.
  2. Deliver a short, “just the facts” voicemail., text, email. No one will or wants to listen to/read a novel in a voicemail, text or email.  Whatever channel you’re using, use your own authentic, unique voice.
  3. Forget being angry/resentful about unprofessional people. Instead, be a role model of positive change in all your interactions.
  4. Offer people solutions, not complaints.
  5. Connect with your leads immediately whether or not you can immediately help them.
  6. Write/say/communicate with your own voice when posting your content anywhere.
  7. Ditch gossipy, resentful communication anywhere on- and off- line.
  8. Create and act upon goals and practices that reflect current market conditions.
  9. Focus on your own business rather than competing with or comparing your business against someone else’s business.
  10. Create a great website and regularly update it.. A bad, past-tense website is too expensive to maintain and no one might stumble upon a bad website will stay there anyway.
  11. Have a CRM and forget the guilt of not having one.
  12. Ditch meetings that could have been emails.
  13. Have a current headshot, not a past-tense one.
  14. Clients/colleagues/friends/family are interested in who you are and what you do now. No one cares about what/how you used to be/do.
  15. Forget about lousy reviews and sentimentality.
  16. Become your own vision of success, no one else’s.
  17. Ask for help…everyone, regardless of their titles, experience, talents, etc., needs help, including you. Be respectful and appreciative of “true” help when it’s offered.

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