EXP Realty Explained For Brokers, Teams, Coaches, and Influencers

Todays show is an encore Zoom based presentation. Tim and Julie Harris will explain why EXP Realty is the fastest growing real estate brokerage in the world (by agent count). The massive growth is fueled by brokerages of all sizes (including teams) moving over to EXP Realty.

Are you a real estate broker, Team, Coach, or Real Estate Influencer and you are considering EXP Realty? Watch this video to have your questions answered. 

As a real estate broker, team leader, coach, or real estate influencer chances are you share Tim and Julie Harris’s philosophy of life (and business): to be of service to others and in our cases, agents. With EXP Realty, there is a true sense of community, optimism, collaboration, and genuine appreciation that has sadly become rare in the real estate industry. You are ready for the next natural step in your real estate career (and personal life). It’s time for you to consider EXP Realty.

Watch this video now to have an overview of why EXP Realty has become the fastest-growing (in terms of agent growth) real estate company in the world. You are about to learn why so many brokers, teams, coaches are joining EXP Realty

(Looking for drilled down information on EXP Realty? WhyLibertas.com/harris ) After you watch this video and you are ready to take the next step, it’s time for you to have a 1:1 call with Tim and Julie. Tim and Julie Harris are inviting you to be part of their EXP Realty group called Libertas. (Libertas is Latin for Freedom). Please text TIM directly at 512-758-0206 to learn why 1000s. of agents are joining EXP Realty and why they are joining with Tim and Julie. eXp Realty agents have a clearly proven path that offers more than most…. all people, not just agents… Could ever accomplish on their own. The various ways agents can produce income with EXP Realty… Passive income that isn’t dependent on a real estate transaction… Are extraordinary. Get involved today at whylibertas.com/harris or text Tim Harris directly at 512-758-0206. (text Tim, pls don’t call)


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