Successful people all have daily, weekly, monthly structured routines as their foundational habits.  They perform those habits consistently.

Five Paradigm-Shifting Steps as Framework for Your 2022 Business Plan

Dr. Darlene Treese, a well-regarded performance coach and counselor, has developed five key strategies to approach business planning:

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  1. “Don’t let others define your success.  Know yourself.”
    1. Define yourself as a business owner, not an individual agent. Viewing yourself as a business owner helps you think “big picture and long term” rather than about immediate results.
    2. Shift your mindset to view yourself as a business who is the CEO, SFO, CTO, Chief Economist, handy person, janitor and VP of Sales,
  2. “View failure as a learning opportunity. View obstacles as challenges.”
    1. Become resilient and take advantage of opportunities rather than putting out fires, getting bogged down in the dailiness of client services and believing your own press.
    2. Keep setting goals.  Keep creating new paths to achieve those ever-developing goals and constantly remain in touch with your sphere of influence in all the business specifics.
  3. “Invest in yourself. Act like you’ve already won.”
    1. There are no expenses…there are only investments. Translation:  everything you do ought to lead to a potential result, accomplishment and/or profit.
    2. Know the numbers you need to hit every day, every week and every month to meet your investment/profit goals.
      1. For example, know how many leads you need to generate, how many calls to make to your sphere, the number of appointments you need to generate, the number of properties you need to show/preview, number of clients with whom you need to be working, etc.
      2. “Avoid toxic people. Surround yourself with positive people.”
        1. Avoid negativity in yourself (feeling as though you’re an imposter) and others (those who tell you what you can’t do of make you feel badly about yourself and your efforts.
        2. Choose to be with people who share your vision and help that vision grow. Be with those you want to be like.
    3. “Do.”
      1. Stop planning.  Start doing.


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Three Daily Routines To Set & To Protect

  1. Evening Routine
    1. Pick out your clothes for the next day.
    2. Write down the three crucial things you must do the next day.
    3. Read (no screens) and/or meditate and/or stretch.
    4. Turn out the lights at the same time every night.
  2. Morning Routine
    1. Get out of bed immediately.
    2. Drink a glass of water to rehydrate in order to get in gear.
    3. Exercise.
    4. Meditate/visualize.
    5. Recite your affirmations.
    6. Review your goals for the day (that you wrote down the night before as part of your Evening Routine.)
    7. Shower
    8. Make coffee/tea and drink more water. Eat breakfast.
    9. Then and only then, look at the news/your emails. NO responding to emails before 9AM.
    10. Get dressed wearing what you picked out the night before as part of your Evening Routine so you wouldn’t have to think about choosing what to wear now.)
  3. Office Routine
    1. Begin by getting done the first things you need to do for your business…for generating you profit.
    2. The more you plan to do what’s important for your business/what’s important for you to generate profit within a structured time frame, the more success you will have.

Seven Weekly Essentials

  1. Networking
    1. Scour your sphere of influence/database.
    2. Make 20 connections every week (or three a day) by leading with value with a phone call, a handwritten note, a quick coffee/Zoom/lunch appointment
  2. Mindset practices that look both forward and backward in terms of what you’ve learned the week before and how to apply them going forward.
  3. Carve out at least two hours of uninterrupted, focused work time without any distractions.
  4. Educate yourself by improving/investing in yourself via audio podcasts, market information/knowledge, developing your skills (communications, negotiation, tech).
  5. Own your market. Anyone can search houses in your neighborhood/market.  Know the ins and outs, history, statistics, demographics, etc. of your neighborhood.
  6. Improve yourself to improve your business. Learn constantly.  “Knowledge is power.”
  7. Respect your time by respecting your calendar.
    1. Time block your tasks/activities/routines /self-care rituals on your calendar.

Monthly Essentials

Execute your paradigm shifting steps for your business plan, your daily routines and your weekly essentials every day, every week and every month.

As Julie Harris is known to say, “Wash, rinse and repeat.”

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