10 Biggest Real Estate Agent Regrets & How To Avoid Them (3)

6 – Allowing a failure, string of failures or a bad month to become your ‘theme song’ versus just saying ‘next’ and moving on.  Saying ‘It’s too soon to tell’ is better than making your temporary failure into an adult failure spiral.  Learn what your early warning signs are and pull yourself out of that funk before it becomes much worse.

– Nothing will pull you out of a real estate funk like taking a new, sellable listing.  Just another reason to put all of your efforts into becoming a powerful listing agent.  If you knew you could set a qualified listing appointment by the end of the day today, list it tomorrow and sell it this week, what would that do to your outlook?

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7 – Having to be right all the time.  Lack of flexibility, being overly rigid, and not having versatility are all hazards to your income, your reputation, and your ability to achieve your dreams.  Arguing with clients about price and commission because you don’t have good objection handlers or killing a deal due to lack of versatility are all manifestations of having to be right.

– Ask questions more than you make statements.  When you understand all sides of the situation, all motivations from each side, you’ll be a better strategist.  Use the phrase, “Help me understand…” and listen to the answers.

– The definition of negotiating is NOT to be the winner, to make the other side feel pain or to prove your point.  Negotiating is the result of each side coming to an acceptable agreement which allows the transaction to move forward.

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