There’s a lot to learn as a new real estate agent.  Cultivating deal-making habits from the get-go will help new agents achieve their goals.

Counteract Deal-Breakers with Proactive Deal-Making Habits

Whatever can go unexpectedly wrong while pursuing a real estate deal may just happen.  There could be a power outage in the neighborhood where you’re hosting an open house.  Your client could slip on some ice while walking out to your car for a home view and break his arm.  A pandemic of some life-threatening virus could lockdown in-person home viewings or appraisals or negotiations.

Sound familiar?  Of course, some of these potentially deal-breaking scenarios aren’t in any agent’s control.  What is, however, is an agent’s behavior and reactions to any of these scenarios.

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The most successful agents, both new and veteran, are pro-active, can-do agents who create, develop and sustain deal-making behaviors and habits.  Deal-making behaviors and habits truly can enable agents to help their clients achieve their real estate goals.

Here are just some deal-making behaviors and habits to consider developing and nurturing.

Be an Active Listener

Real estate is a relationship business.  How do you create and develop relationships?  By actively listening to what your client wants, needs, cares about and thinks…NOT by you telling your client what you as the agent wants, needs, etc.

Actively listening to and remembering what your client tells you matters.  Your client’s thoughts and opinions matter, not yours.  Open your ears, attention and mind to your client.

Be a Vessel for Information

Clients “sign” with agents who know their markets, know comparable pricings, know effective marketing strategies, know how to negotiate for the best interest of their client, know how to compensate for unexpected, potentially deal-killing contingencies.

Clients want and need reliable, trustworthy information based on real data.  Clients want and need a network of industry professionals (appraisers, attorneys, lenders, subcontractors/contractors, etc.) they can trust.  Clients want and need a competent advisor to help guide them away from costly mistakes and towards achieving their real estate goals.

Real estate agents are the vessels of that information, that expertise, that network and that guidance.

Be Pro-Active and Solutions Oriented

During initial and ongoing pandemic disruptions, successful new and veteran agents went into high gear towards being proactive and solutions oriented.  Rather than throwing up their hands and bemoaning a different, often intimidating and often frightening reality, successful new and veteran agents figured out how to do virtual touring, virtual meetings, virtual contract negotiations, etc.  Successful agents figured out how to technically market themselves, their brand and their listings.

No feeling sorry for themselves, successful new and veteran agents figured out whatever needed to be figured out and continuously improved and embraced their new skills.

Be an Advocate for Your Client

Successful new and veteran agents are sticklers for details.  For example, strongly suggest to your client that they obtain a fire damage report for a property located in a fire-prone area or a geological inspection for a home located in an earthquake prone area.  (And, of course, disclose any information in an original inspection report or transfer disclosure statement to the client.)

Successful new and veteran agents know that any buyer/seller decisions to be made are to be made by the client, not for the client by the agent.  For example, phrases such as, “I would never let my clients…” or “There’s no way I’d ever allow my client to…” are only used by controlling agents…and are completely out of bounds for client advocates.

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Bottom line, just as new agents have to learn and become experts in their market knowledge, comparable pricing, marketing strategies, contract negotiations and real estate tech, new agents would do themselves an enormous service by cultivating foundational proactive and solutions-oriented behaviors and habits.

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