Metaverse Explained For Real Estate Agents | Real Estate Coaching (2)

Today’s podcast is part 2 of 4 (maybe 5) podcasts about the Metaverse and what it really means to the real estate industry, real estate agents, and our future. 

3 – Is the metaverse ‘real’?

It’s a simulation where you appear as a cartoon-like avatar of yourself.  However, over the next few years technology will move past people appearing as avatars to 1:1 simulations. Looking at a person in the metaverse will be almost the same as they appear offline. When ‘plugged into’ the metaverse things will look and feel very much like real life. Very soon it’s reasonable to assume that some people will prefer to spend their lives in the metaverse vs real life. 

4 – How many metaverses are there?

It appears that there are many, but over time, there will be fewer as the market decides which metaverses are the winners. Facebook is spending $10 billion dollars per year on developing its version of the Metaverse. Virbella (owned by EXPI the holding company that also owns EXP Realty, already has a fully functional Metaverse called EXP World).

Top 5 Metaverses as of today:

1) Decentraland

2) Sandbox

3) Axie Infinity

4) Cryptovoxels

5) Starltoken

5 – If there are many metaverses will my avatar be able to go from one metaverse to another? 

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It’s likely that the different emerging metaverses will allow you to have one avatar that works on different metaverse platforms. Conceptually this would be like going from one country to another and only having to show your passport before entry versus having to become an entirely different ‘person’. Your Avatar can look like you really look or an idealized version of you. Expect companies to emerge that will specialize in high-end avatar renderings. 

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