The future is here, and it’s online. Even the most devoted phone and face-to-face real estate agents agree the majority of your business will come from online searches. As such, savvy realtors who keep their websites and profiles current are naturally going to close more sales. 

Once a potential buyer eyes a property of interest, the next logical step is to find an agent. About 40% of people use their own personal networks to locate an agent, but once they’ve received a referral from a  friend or colleague, they’ll research that prospective agent online.

This means two things:

  1. Your online presence is vital to your thriving business. 
  2. A real estate agent bio that is thorough, professional, and inviting will help you secure your future client.

The team at Harris Real Estate University is here to help you build a professional, marketable agent bio that stands out and helps you achieve higher success in your career.

Here’s what you need to know about why bios are essential and how to build the best one:

Do I Really Need A Bio?

You’ve been sitting on the assignment from your broker for weeks. They need the information to help build your realtor page, and perhaps you don’t know where to start. You’re also wondering if creating a bio is even necessary. 

Realtor bios, whether they belong to your brokerage’s home page or are hosted by another site, are incredibly important to a successful agent’s business.

Here’s why:

Your Digital Card

Business cards are almost virtually obsolete. Not only are fewer people connecting with a handshake and a card, digital cards, easily transferable contact information that syncs from your mobile device to a client’s mobile device. The card is being replaced by easy-to-access information that is instantly accessible. 

If you don’t have an online presence, it can be an automatic “no” for some potential clients if you don’t have an online presence. Clients like the ability to research you, understand who you are, and what your experience is before ever meeting face to face. 

The Market Isn’t Flooded, But It’s Full

Sometimes it can seem like you’re in competition with a million other realtors for the same properties in the same radius. If you’re feeling as though you’re getting lost in the herd, take a look at your online bio. 

Your bio helps you stand out in the crowd and sets you apart as someone who offers more value and a better experience to your future clients. There are plenty of options, your bio tells your clients why you are the best.

It Gives You Clout

Even if you’ve been selling properties for two decades and are well-known in your territory, a new resident to the area has no knowledge of who you are and how much experience you have. Your bio gives them this information so they can feel confident choosing you. 

It Helps Establish Your Business

It’s hard to find a brick-and-mortar business that doesn’t have an accompanying online presence. Similarly, your online presence becomes an integral part of your business. 

Your Bio Builds Confidence and Trust

Both buyers and sellers want a pleasant experience with an individual that understands their goals. Your bio can help a potential client decide why you’re a great fit. It also gives them a glimpse into your personal life, by sharing information about your pastimes, community service commitments, and the like. 

How To Build the Best Bio

Now that you know how important it is to create an online realtor biography that really stands out, let’s talk about how to do it.

Here are six tips for creating a bio that is professional, approachable, and relatable:

1.  Be Professional

That weekend coding course probably didn’t qualify you to build your own website. Trust a professional resource (like your brokerage or a web-hosting service) to create your template and the framework for your profile. 

2. Qualify

Maybe it seems daunting to state that you’re a new realtor. Don’t allow that to stop you from giving an honest representation of yourself on your bio page. Many prospective clients prefer a fresh perspective and would rather work with a newer realtor. 

If you’ve got plenty of years of experience, ensure your bio states that your licenses and continuing education are still up to the minute current.

3.  Talk About Your Niche 

Not sure you have a niche? That’s okay. Tell a prospective client where you do business, and don’t be afraid to establish parameters. If you don’t handle commercial real estate transactions, don’t create a bio that says you do. 

Talk about how you came to live in the community where you reside, what you love about it, and why you’re a perfect fit for buying and selling real estate there. 

4. Be Unique

Whatever it is that establishes you from other realtors, talk about it on your bio page. If your clients rave about your rapid response time, ability to smooth out snafus at closing, or find properties off the grid, share this information on your biography.  

5. Sell Yourself

You worked hard for your awards and hold yourself to higher standards to keep the affiliations you have. Talk about your sales stats, awards, professional affiliations, and honors. This is a great way to introduce your work ethic and help your clients trust your ability to help them. 

6. Get Personal

You don’t have to share your blood type or mother’s maiden name, but a few sentences about your pastimes, hobbies, and interests help make you more approachable and warm. These little bits of information are a big deal to clients and help them understand your personality.

Feeling Stuck? Get Help Fast

Thankfully, you don’t have to craft your online realtor profile yourself. Talk to experts and a community of like-minded professional realtors who can help. The Harris Real Estate University Premier Coaching opportunity helps you establish yourself on a solid foundation of insider real-estate knowledge you can only get with decades of experience. 

Our coaching staff is:

  • Professional, experienced, and no-nonsense
  • Agent-obsessed and dedicated to supporting your personal business goals
  • Vetted by Tim and Julie Harris, real-life realtors with 30 years of combined experience buying and selling residential properties. 

If it’s help building your bio you need, our professionals can handle that and help you learn how to generate more leads for listings and build a more successful real estate business. 

Shout Your Worth

A realtor bio helps you tell the real estate market who you are and why you’re the best candidate for helping them find a property or assist with a sale. It might be daunting, but with a little know-how and the valuable insight you’ll get from Harris Real Estate University, you’ll be able to craft a bio that’s intriguing, genuine, and a valuable asset to your business. 

Shout your worth with your realtor bio, and develop your career with the help of the industry professionals. Harris Real Estate University helps you set yourself apart in a sea of realtors and establish yourself as a true stand-out.  



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