Top 11 Listing Agent Mistakes | Real Estate Training (3)

Top 11 Listing Agent Mistakes and how to avoid them. Today’s show is part 3 of 3. 

8 – You didn’t use a pre-listing package, or your pre-listing package looks like everyone else’s.

Without a great, proven Pre-Listing Package, you’re signing yourself up to hear objections at the end of your presentation, instead of closing at the end of your presentation. Handle all objections before you get there so all you have to do is talk about pricing, answer questions, your light presentation, and close.

9 – You didn’t close at all.

If you find yourself walking out the door saying, “okay, I’ll follow up in a few days…” You’re not closing.

10 – You overdid the pre-qualifying and talked yourself out of the listing appointment.

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11 – You weren’t prepared for any or all of the common objections:

I’ve never heard of your brokerage/I’m considering bigger name companies.

I’m going to probably list it with the “neighborhood expert/specialist/etc.”

I’m considering listing with my friend.

I’m also interviewing the agent who sold me the house.

I’m not sure I can move since there’s nothing for me to buy. 

Why do I have comps that you don’t have?

Secret: ALWAYS research your competition. Who sold them the house? Who markets their neighborhood? Whom did they say they were interviewing when you used your pre-qualification script?  You did use a pre-qualification script, right?

Secret: ALWAYS know the stats on those agents. What’s their expired rate? How long have they been in the business? How many listings do they sell versus buyer sides? Do they have any suspensions to their license?

Of course, the biggest mistake of all is not having enough lead generation in place to have many listing opportunities, so you can earn while you learn.

Fact: You don’t have to be perfect at everything to be a successful listing agent but you do have to be perfect about some things.

Start to polish your listing skills by improving the following: 

Generating the lead in the first place.

Following furiously fast lead follow-up.

Use a proven pre-qualification script every time.

Send a proven pre-listing package every time.

Use our proven, 7-step listing process.

Always show up 5 minutes early.

Ask questions and deliver your presentation based on what’s important to them!

Follow up relentlessly if you didn’t get the listing at the appointment.

Join Premier Coaching to help you achieve all of this more quickly, more effectively, and become accountable for building these skills. 

Secret: It’s our goal to turn all of you into powerful listing agents. 100% ratio is the goal. The only reason you shouldn’t take a listing is if you don’t want it for some reason.

Most importantly, recognize that being a great listing agent is an acquired skill. To move beyond random friends, family, and referrals, you must seek out coaching so you can earn while you learn. There’s an income cap to only working friends, family, and referrals!

There’s a reason that not every agent you know has a large number of listings, or perhaps ANY listings.  Develop the skills necessary for you to take your business to the next level.


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