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On today’s Real Estate Training and Coaching Podcast Tim and Julie Harris will give you the drilled down, no BS truth about long term success in your real estate business (and life)….

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If you want ever increasing levels of success in your business and personal life you must: Do What You Don’t Want To Do When You Don’t Want To Do It At The Highest Level” Chapter 12, HARRIS Rules.

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Every day, we speak with agents or hear from our coaches who hear the same things…you feel out of control with your schedule.  Sometimes you’ll say that you simply don’t know what to do when you start your business day.  You are overwhelmed, distracted and unfocused.  This also usually results in not being profitable.

In part one of this two part podcast series, we will first present to you the specific things that actually make you money in real estate.  Write them down and post them in your office.  

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These action items are, unsurprisingly, usually things you don’t feel like doing, and may not know how to do them at a high level.

In part two, we’ll give you 7 strategies to help you drill down on those things and actually do what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it at the highest level.

Let’s get to the list of things that actually make you money in real estate.  

1 – Generate the lead.   Nothing happens without doing this.  You can skip the rest of the list if you stink at this.  If you can’t identify what your next 3 transactions are, you have a lead generation problem.

Agents often say they don’t like to prospect.  Why not?  Usually this is because they’ve not yet had predictable, duplicatable success as a result of doing it.  This is due to any number of reasons, such as:

Making contacts, but with the wrong sort of ‘lead’.  Just listed, just sold, circle prospecting will make you lots of contacts but few appointments.  Instead, contact people who are more motivated sellers.

Making contact, but without a script, with your made up script, or a hodgepodge collection of combined scripts.  Use proven scripts which get proven results.

Making contact WITH a great script but forgetting to close or not being comfortable closing.  You must ask for the business.

2 – Furiously fast Lead Follow Up.   Stop sending everyone to voicemail, opt in pages or other elaborate ways you’re dodging conversations.  Sometimes you think you have a lead generation problem (refer to previous point), but you actually have a lead follow up problem.  Leads do not get better with age.

3 – Prequalify using buyer and seller prequalification scripts.  It’s possible for a buyer to be motivated but not qualified, or qualified but not motivated.  Remember that buyers never ‘have to’ actually buy, but sellers DO ‘have to sell’.  You’ll never know the difference if you’re not using prequalification scripts.  Who do you need to follow up with today?

If you keep calling the same ‘leads’ but are not getting appointments, they probably aren’t leads at all.  Leads by themselves have no value; appointments have value.  

4 – Present using your Pre-Listing Package and / or Listing Presentation.  If you are not using one, you are simply not competitive.  If you’re using the same one that everyone else in your office uses, you’re not competitive.  

5 – Negotiate.  It’s not too tough in today’s market when you’re the Listing Agent.  Choosing the best offer is usually pretty straightforward.  If you’re a frustrated buyer’s agent, you must get better at winning, or stop signing your buyers up to lose.  The listing agent always wins, especially in today’s market.

6 – Close.  Ask for the business.  Prospects usually don’t close themselves.  The definition of closing is: the logical ending to a great presentation.  Without a great presentation, closing for the signature is awkward and full of objections. When you use a great presentation, closing is natural.

If what you’re doing is not on the list we just described, why are you doing it?  Worse yet, why are you doing it and expecting the results to be profitable?


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