20 Hidden Sources Of Homes For Sale (2) | Real Estate Training

This week’s Real Estate Training and Coaching podcast is focused on How To Find Homes For Sale. The simple fact is using the MLS,  Zillow, and Realtor.com as your primary place to search for homes for sale are over. To succeed in this market a real estate agent must search for homes for sale in places other agents won’t. Yes, that takes skill and an updated approach. This is part 2.

4 – New build sales reps can be a goldmine, especially in medium and luxury new construction communities.  They don’t take resale listings and they won’t take a home sale contingency.  This means they know who has a home to sell before they can close on the new one!  If they’re licensed, pay them a referral fee and if they’re not, give them gift cards or bring them treats.  Aim for 5 relationships like this.

5 – New build sales reps can also tell you which homes are about to fall OUT of contract.  If they don’t already have someone to buy it, this is an off-market, new construction listing.

Podcast Listeners, let’s talk. Many agents are worried about the housing market. We get it, Inflation, interest rates, and available homes for sale does require a new approach. Start here: If you want to get your head right, stop listening, reading, or associating with any negative influences.  That especially includes negative people. Next,  purge from your life anything related to the media. Set your mindset free. YES, there is a market shift happening. and YES you can thrive. You need a newly updated business and lead generation plan. We have it for you. The best part? Your coaching session is at no cost to you. Click this link to receive your complimentary coaching session NOW. <— Click that link and you choose the day and time for your FREE coaching session. 

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6 – For Rent By Owners of single-family homes, duplexes, etc.  They are advertising their phone number, the script is simple and it’s a business decision for them.  They’re also a great resource to have a place for your wayward sellers who have sold but not yet bought.

7 – Connect with Assisted Living Care housing intake directors.  Most people pay for their assisted care living costs by selling their homes and cashing out the equity.  The housing intake coordinators are a great source of those leads.  Provide value by being a liaison between the homeowner and the director and the director will love you!  Modify your Pre Listing Package to include contacts for estate sale specialists, pet rescue, moving, storage, etc.

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8 – Find the Notice of Defaults.  Search the zip codes your buyers are looking in, for  NODs and see if the homes fit your buyer’s criteria.  These are not usually listed, but they are usually motivated!

9 – Mine your own database (your past clients and people in your sphere of influence) as ‘shadow inventory’.  Who owns a home currently that may be a match for your qualified and motivated buyers?  This creates two to three transactions for you.  

10 – Call 100% of your database to see who is curious about what their home is now worth in today’s market.  If they knew their home is now worth ____, what would that do to their plans?


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