Don’t Lose The Listing! Top 10 Must Avoid Silly Mistakes!

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1.  Show up on time: Being fashionably late doesn’t apply to real estate appointments. Arrive early to show you’re not just on time but ahead of the game!

2.  Parking prowess: Don’t play driveway dominos with the homeowner’s car. Park on the street, allowing them to come and go without a vehicular obstacle course.

3.  Strive for handshake harmony. Aim for a handshake that’s just right, akin to Goldilocks’ porridge. It should be neither too strong (avoid being a bone crusher) nor too weak (no limp fish impressions, please).

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4.  House rules, no shoes: If you spot a shoe tray by the door, it’s a sign to slip off your kicks. Respect their floors, and you’ll be walking on sunshine!

5.  Enthusiasm is infectious: Bring your A-game with energy and enthusiasm.  When touring the home, be positive and complimentary.

6.  Seating strategy: It’s the great debate—dining room or kitchen table? Should you sit at the head of the table or let someone else? Let them call the shots and take the seat that feels like home, sweet home, to them. Avoid the awkwardness and just ask where they usually sit! (Driver personalities, beware of this point!)

7.  Hospitality acceptance: When life hands you water and cookies, say thank you and enjoy the treats! It’s a small gesture that can make a big difference in building rapport.  Maybe they baked those cookies just for you!

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8.  Gratitude is the attitude: Whether you clinch the listing or not, send a thank-you card. It’s like sprinkling gratitude confetti over your client’s day, and you may be the only one who’s that thoughtful. You’re competing from the moment you set the appointment to the time they sign the agreement.

9.  No politics, please. Keep the conversation neutral, like Switzerland. Avoid political minefields and keep the focus on real estate, not debates.

10. Dress for success: Dress to impress, erring on the side of a tad nicer than your prospects. Striking the perfect balance between professional and approachable attire is key.

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Turn the 10 points into your pre-appointment checklist. Print it and read it before each listing appointment until your good habits are solidified.

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