15 Success-Killing Bad Habits You Must Stop Now

Monitor yourself at all times to squash these detrimental habits! Successful people KNOW to avoid these bad habits and actively work to replace them with success habits.

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1. Lack of ‘Stick-to-it-ness’: – F-O-C-U-S = Follow One Course Until Successful- Jet analogy: Stop taking off and re-landing the plane before achieving cruising altitude.

2. Never Mastering the Basics: – Hiring a team before mastering management skills. – Settling for subpar performance in listings and buyer interactions. – Avoiding self-improvement due to perceived expertise.

3. Believing Wealth Myths: – Examine core beliefs about wealth. – Shift from scarcity to abundance mindset. – Seek exposure to ethical wealth-building practices.

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4. Focusing on Liquidity Events: – Prioritize consistent savings over one-time windfalls. – Adopt disciplined saving habits.

5. Thinking you had to be born with sales talent: – Perseverance, skill, and service surpass raw talent.

6. Buying Success Instead of Earning It:

– Invest in skill development, not just leads.

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7. Procrastination and/or blaming others for lack of success:

– “I’m a doer; I do things now; I get things done!”

-“If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me!”

8. Chasing Perfect Balance: – Passion, skill, and implementation trump balance.

-Goals in 5 areas of life change and are never in perfect balance.

9. Being addicted to media and doom scrolling. – Limit exposure to negative influences.

-Practice a media-free life.

10. Lack of Urgency: – Do you practice Furiously Fast Lead Follow-Up, or is your voicemail always full?

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