The blame train stops here!  If you’ve ever heard yourself utter any of these 8 phrases when faced with a challenge, you may be too comfortable playing the victim.  Do any of these sound like you?

“If I just had an assistant!”  

“I need a website (or a CRM)!”

“I need a better marketing plan/better systems!”

“Everyone’s waiting until after the ____!”  But, are they?  Really?

“I just don’t feel motivated.” This is a classic real estate line!

“Its not my personality.” You don’t need to be a “D” to be a great salesperson!

The first step is understanding that phrases like these ARE indeed excuses.  Do you realize that the only person waiting is YOU!  You’re the one waiting for courage to kick in, to do the things that you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do them – at the highest level! It’s time to stop complaining and start making new choices.  Don’t hideout in the weeds of your excuses.  Start working IN your business (rather than working ON) – doing the 5 toughest, but most necessary things:  lead generation, followup, presenting, negotiating and closing!

Maybe you’re even talking about switching brokers?  It’s an easy ‘excuse’ for not doing the hard work.  It’s just a easy way to blame the office or the manager for you not getting the results you want.  Only YOU are responsible for your success!  So, are you ready to take control of your situation?  Are you ready to stop spiraling out of control and get into gear?

Let’s put aside the emotions, the feelings, and the fears!  It’s time to take ACTION and start experiencing the feelings of success.

Today we talk about the most common excuses we hear from agents for not moving forward and what has to shift in your mindset to turn those roadblocks into results!


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