It’s winter.  That dreaded time when most agents hibernate, waiting for the spring rush to bring them new inventory. What if you could create your own right now?  If you have buyers and nothing to show them, this show is for you!  We’ll talk about some misconceptions about the buyer search process and then we’ll outline 16 different ways that you can drum up your own inventory and look like a rock star to your clients.

Many of our listeners remember the days when agents had complete control the public’s view of the inventory.  What?  Yes!  Before the internet and social media, the multiple listing service listings were contained in a book that only agents held.  If a buyer wanted to see what was for sale, only an agent could tell them.  While our long-term veterans understand the need for digging deep and going pro-active, newer agents are not used to not having all the information at their fingertips and will need to wrap their minds around our 16 pro-active market making ways!

Did you know that a recent study from NAR showed that up to 30% of sales last year were NOT in the MLS? That’s reason enough to get cracking on these!  Imagine all the deals that you could have done outside of the MLS that other agents did instead.  It is absolutely critical for you to understand that buyers want to buy a home. They don’t want to spend endless afternoons with you. Most buyers will fire their buyer’s agent if that agent hasn’t sold them after only two weeks or hasn’t shown them 10 homes. Today we’re going to help you keep your job!

So if you’ve been slow to get started, its time to put the ‘no inventory’ excuse behind and start putting those buyers in contract, before someone else does!

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