It’s winter.  That dreaded time when most agents hibernate, waiting for the spring rush to bring them new inventory. What if you could create your own right now?  If you have buyers and nothing to show them, this series is for you!

In Part 4 today, we will continue our points on the ways that you can lead generate for inventory without being that ‘annoying salesperson’ that many people run from!  Once agents have exhausted their COI and past clients, they are often at a loss for where to turn outside of the MLS for digging up inventory.  This is even more true for brand new agents who lack a past client pool and may not have built up a business reputation with their COI yet.

So today we’ll talk about some boots-on-the-ground, out of the box ways for you to go after that hidden inventory!  We’ve all heard about For Sale By Owners, but what about For Rent By Owners?  There’s opportunity there that you’ve probably never thought about before!  How about some REO agents, investors or move-up buyers?! With a few marketing tricks we’ll teach you, you’ll be squeezing out every single potential source!  Add in a little inexpensive technology (you know we’re champions of that!) along with some old-school service and you’ll be on your way in no time!

There are multiple ways to use your natural strengths, interests and personality in your real estate business.  We want to show you how easy that is and how lead generating for inventory can be an enjoyable process and one that you’ll be more than happy to do for your clients!

So if you’ve been slow to get started, its time to put the ‘no inventory’ excuse behind you and start putting those buyers in contract, before some other agent else does!

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