The first step is admitting it.  Admitting that you’re addicted to that enticing (and attractive) easy button.  More specifically, the easy button that you use to numb your fears of lead generation and that you fool yourself into thinking will make your business more successful.  It’s called lead buying and it comes in many forms and from many sources; buyer leads, seller leads, pay-per-click ads, advertising and the like.

In our national agent financial survey, we asked and you fessed up!  Nearly 50% of the agents surveyed have their largest expenses in marketing and advertising.  The belief that a sustainable business can be created through buying leads leaves out one major factor and that is…profit!  If your product IS your profit (and it is in real estate) then when you’re spending a majority of your money just trying to get business, think of how it cuts down on the profit you’re making!

Unfortunately, the industry has lied to you about how to build a profitable business and its hurting you. In response to the survey, we tell you the hard core truths about what can (and should) be doing to avoid ending up as a statistic in the marketplace.  We also talk about your response to coaching and who might be ready versus those who aren’t.  It seems obvious, right?  Who wouldn’t to be coached to the highest level?  You’d be surprised because the reality is that society has primed us all for the easy button – in virtually everything we do, and coaching is about learning!

If you’re ready and willing to learn how to build that profitable business and want to keep those hard earned commission dollars for yourself instead of giving them back to the advertisers, then listen to todays show and be inspired!  We’ll give you the mindsets you need to break the addiction and stay on the straight and narrow path of profit!

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