The real estate business can take you on a wild ride of emotions; from excitement and victory to the agony of defeat, and everything in between.  What do you do when you start to experience a feeling of apathy; that feeling of ‘meh’, it doesn’t matter, and who cares? Its a dangerous path to go down and will lead to a state of complacency.  This is actually the most ineffective mental place for you to be and it will put a knife in your career really quickly if you don’t learn how to escape its grip!

Don’t confuse contentment with complacency though — they’re not the same thing. Contentment in life is something we all strive for and there’s nothing wrong with it.  It brings great peace and allows us to put things in perspective and stay grounded. Complacency is when we stay in thought patterns (that turn into action or inaction) that have no regard for the dangers and pitfalls that they bring.  It’s a complete denial or lack of awareness for the fact that your life is just rolling along, you’re thinking and doing the same things at the same times each day – and you have no passion or purpose to move ahead and break out of the thousands of dangerous and negative thoughts you have each day, or build on the positive thoughts that promote forward moving life change.

What’s the key to getting unstuck?  Passion and purpose! Will you have passion for everything you do at all times?  NO! That’s unrealistic, for both your real estate business and other personal endeavors.  But, you can find purpose in what you’re doing and when you focus on self-directing your thoughts each day, each day can be better than the next one and you don’t have be the victim of complacency.  We have 12 steps for getting out of complacency and into a life full of possibilities!

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